2017’s NineDots Print Winners

The NineDots Gathering may be over for another year, but we were delighted to be part of this year’s ultimate wedding conference and had an amazing time seeing familiar faces and testing our ping-pong skills once again!

This year’s NineDots Print Competition saw a huge selection of beautiful images submitted, showing off all styles of wedding photography, but only three people could be chosen as the triumphant winners and we’re proud to supply the three talented photographers with a collection of fantastic prizes for their work.

We chatted with the three lucky winners to find out more about their award-winning images.

3rd Place – Yves Schepers

Brussels-based photographer Yves Schepers was placed third this year. His unique silhouetted shot of a couple shows his incredible posing and lighting techniques. Yves was delighted to come third in this competition:

“It’s an honour to receive recognition for my work. It was a nice addition to an awesome gathering!”

Yves Schepers

He has won his choice of Framed Print so he can show off his beautiful photography. Yves’ intriguing photography style is based on bold looks that captivate. He has a clear idea of how he wants his photographs to look:

“I love creating strong graphical portraits, try to keep things simple and find order in the chaos in every kind of environment I have to shoot in.”

Yves Schepers

From Team Loxley, congratulations on winning this prize, Yves.

2nd Place – Emmie Scott

The runner-up in the 2017 NineDots Gathering Print Competition was London-based photographer Emmie Scott, with her beautiful mirror-image wedding shot.

Emmie has won a Wall Product and Presentation Product of her choice, perfect for showing clients the quality keepsakes you can offer. She was delighted when she found out she was second:

“I was a bit stunned to come in second place for this image. I know it’s always given me a lot of joy, personally, but to have it recognised by others is extremely rewarding. I was genuinely speechless and didn’t know what to do with myself.”

Emmie Scott

Emmie tries to create different and unique shots at every wedding she works on, so no two shoots are alike. For this image, she decided to challenge herself by using the large glass door of the church:

“I sat with it for about five minutes, trying different compositions and focal lengths. I noticed that if I angled the composition just so, I could reflect everything but the bridesmaid… I had the shot set up, and low and behold, the bridesmaid decided to randomly jump! Just once, but I was ready and I got it. It just goes to show the value of feeling free to move and experiment.”

Well done from everyone at Loxley Colour, Emmie, for capturing this bright and bold image and being awarded second prize.

1st Place – Arvid de Windt

This year’s overall winner was Arvid de Windt, a wedding photographer based in the Netherlands. Arvid’s stunning black and white image of a groom getting ready for the big day won the prize at this year’s competition. He was thrilled to see he had made it into the top 20, but he wasn’t expecting to win:

“I hoped for fourth place – that would be great… When my photo was announced as number one, and my photo popped up on screen with my name, I was overwhelmed and super happy.”

Arvid de Windt

He has won a fantastic prize from Loxley Colour; a Bellissimo album, matching downscales and a Wall Product of his choice.

To capture his image, Arvid used the environment around him to base his image. The groom’s house was full of beautiful black and white framed prints, so he used one of these as a reflective surface for his shot:

“I was immediately triggered by these photos and tried to add these in some way… The first versions were with a too shallow depth of field, so I had to work it out… From the 100 photos I made of this moment, I picked this one and made it black and white to match the original framed photos.”

Arvid de Windt

Congratulations from all us here at Loxley Colour on your win, Arvid!

Enter to win next year

The NineDots gang have already got their plans for next year well underway. Early bird tickets have already sold at an amazing rate, so we can’t wait to see what’s on for the NineDots Gathering 2018. Secure your place and see what they have in store.