A brief guide to the Highland Games

Highland games

It’s July and that means we’re well into the Highland Games season here in Scotland. Dozens of shows will be taking place across the country over the next few weeks with places like Aberdeen, Helensburgh and West Lothian having already hosted theirs!

We thought now would be the perfect time to talk about this centuries-old tradition and share what it’s all about with our friends south of the border!

What are the Highland Games?

Think of your most stereotypical Scotsman and he’s probably ginger, ‘burly’ and tossing a caber or throwing a shot-put – and there you’ve got an image from the Highland Games! These are a huge social event on the calendars of towns across Scotland and even around the world, where people come together to compete in traditional Scottish sports and feats of endurance.

Highland games

The Ceres Games in Fife are thought to be the oldest continuous Highland Games in Scotland, starting in 1314, but today there are approximately 100 annual Highland Games held in Scotland alone. As well as heavy athletics, there’s also piping, drumming, dancing and other entertainment events at these games, making them a huge draw for both competitors and spectators.

Photographing the Highland Games

Because these are such major events, they are perfect for photographers. If there is a major local event near you such as the Highland Games, this is a fantastic opportunity to capture some interesting images and it could be a great chance for you to sell some prints or images. Many local events are backed by committees or groups, and they always love to see people express an interest in their activities.

Highland games

There could be an excellent opportunity for you to offer prints to these groups. They may not have a photographer of their own and could jump at the chance to display or publish some professionally shot images on their social media pages or websites.

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Highland games

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Share your local games

If you’re attending a Highland Games event near you, be sure to share your images with us! We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we always love seeing photographers’ creative and beautiful images.