We’re now ISO 9001 certified

BSI Certified

We’re delighted to announce that Loxley Colour is now ISO 9001 certified from the British Standards Institution (certificate number FS622663). Our already award-winning customer service and production has become more streamlined over the past year and we have been rewarded with this certification as a result. This certification further establishes the great service we offer clients and our high quality production process.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is a globally recognised Quality Management System that acknowledges businesses with great management skills and customer service. Used by thousands of professional businesses all over the world, it shows customers and potential partners that the entire production and management system is streamlined. This will further establish our award-winning, industry-leading service for professional photographers.

Our commitment to you

Although ISO 9001 hardly rolls off the tongue, it does highlight that Loxley Colour has worked hard to develop and improve the overall service to customers. With this certification, we make a promise of consistence. A promise that whether you order a product first thing in the morning, or at the end of the day, your order will go through the same processes, to the same standard, every time. Continually striving to improve ways in which we can support customers and partners, we believe this will help us provide an equal and fair service to all.

But this isn’t a one-time thing. To keep this highly sought after certificate, we need to ensure the quality of our service is not only maintained, but that we make continuous efforts to improve it. Something we will always strive to do. As a customer or partner, you won’t actually see any changes, everything we do already, is done with our customers in mind. We will continue to provide fantastic customer service along with professional print products with a leading turnaround time. You may notice our logo also comes with the ISO 9001 Quality Management mark, though.BSI_image_02

A Step Forward

Loxley Colour is proud to have this accreditation. To stand with thousands of other professional businesses that have customer service and great products at their heart, is an honour. MD Ian Loxley says ‘our clients can be confident that Loxley Colour will continue to consistently provide the highest quality products and services they have come to expect well into the future. We believe that our decision to become ISO 9001 certified is a proactive one that rewards our continuous improvement activities and demonstrates our commitment to providing quality services to all our customers.”

Having been at the forefront of professional printing for many years, this new certification establishes our position in the industry and will make sure we continue to improve our products and services.