Autumn has arrived!

As September rolls on, we’ve noticed a cooling in the temperature outside as the leaves on the trees fire up and fall to the ground. As much as we want to cling onto summer, autumn provides a wealth of amazing photography opportunities.

We can’t wait to see the gorgeous autumnal shots coming through our doors in the weeks ahead, and we hope to do your photography justice by creating your beautiful displays.

Autumnal opportunities

Any season change is worth photographing, but there’s something special about the beginning of autumn. We’re heading into the twilight of the year, and just before the chaos of Christmas, photographers have this golden period to capture amazing landscapes.

It’s not just landscape photographers who benefit from autumn. Just last week we heard from outdoor family portrait photographer Claire Conybeare of Chinchilla Photography. She spoke about how excited she was for the new season, when she can capture wonderful shots within autumnal woodland.

Autumn weddings are also beautiful, with the weather still remaining pleasant it makes wedding venues that little bit more gorgeous and can mean you get some stunning outdoor shots.

Get out there and get snapping!

Take full advantage of the beautiful autumnal weather while it lasts! Before you know it we’ll be back to the grey, drizzly weather of late November. Get out there and document the season change so you have a new selection of images to sell to clients, or even just to make yourself happy and spend time doing what you love.