Make life easier with online ordering

Online ordering

We’re all for making our customers’ lives easier. That’s why we work hard to improve our services and develop ways that let you order the products you want from Loxley Colour, hassle free.

You may have noticed we’ve moved a lot of the products available in ROES, to an easy to use online ordering process directly via our website at

It’s never been easier to order from Loxley Colour. With a wide range of products already available from the website, you can also order Wall Products, Frames and much more in just four simple clicks:

Step 1: Select your product

Simply choose your perfect product from our award-winning collection.

Step 2: Upload your images

Select the images you want to have printed on your products.

Upload your images

Step 3: Choose personalisation options

Choose the size, print finish, layout, mount and personalisation options for your products.Personalisation options

Step 4: Checkout

Go to check out, click order and we’ll do the rest.


There’s no need to download software and we’ll even show you a preview of how your products will look before you confirm your order, so you see exactly what you’re getting.

It couldn’t be easier. In just a few clicks, we get to work creating your products.

How it helps you

You might ask why we’re moving our product catalogue to online ordering and how it benefits you.

We understand that potentially changing your workflow or the way you do business can be daunting at the best of times.

But we truly believe making the switch to online ordering will bring huge benefits in comparison to ordering via Loxley Designer Pro (LDP) and ROES. These benefits include:

  • Making ordering more accessible than it’s ever been
    • You can place your orders from anywhere on ANY computer or smart device
  • No need to download or update any software
    • Free up space on your computer hard drive
    • Seamless compatibility with all up to date modern web browsers
  • Choosing products and placing orders all in one online window
  • Seeing our entire product collection in one single place
  • One set of log-in details
    • Separate log-in details no longer required for online and Loxley Designer Pro

With stress-free online ordering offering all these benefits, move to ‘easy street’ and place your orders with us today.

Loxley Designer Pro & Loxley ROES

In the meantime, and as we make the switch to online order, Loxley Designer Pro (LDP) will still be used to order our award-winning Bellissimo Albums & Books.

And, as we continue to migrate to online ordering, Loxley ROES will continue to be used to order specific products from our Print and Presentation & Desktop categories.

How to order what products

Until we can offer all products through the website, here’s a handy breakdown of where to order your products from Loxley Colour.

And if there’s ever anything you’re unsure about or you have any questions, a member of our award-winning Customer Service team will be on-hand and ready to help. You can reach them at or on 0123 686 2720.

Make sure you stay tuned to our blog, newsletters and social channels for more information and developments about the move to a single online ordering system.

Give it a try. Discover the benefits and order online at Loxley Colour today.

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