Combining digital and print photography

When we say we’ve got something for every client, we really mean it. Which is why the introduction of USB combination packages for budget-conscious brides and clients has heralded new opportunities for photographers.

Stick or twist? USB & Boxes

The perfect entry-level combination product, the USB & Box can be offered as a standalone product or as a finishing touch to photography packages so clients can take their images with them everywhere.

Available with an 8GB or 16GB USB stick, the USB Box can be adorned with eight cover options with a host of different colour finishes also available.

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The best of Both Worlds

Nothing beats looking through photos of the big day or celebration, and people want a product that helps them share it with friends and family, near and far. Enter the Print & USB Box.

With the first 10 prints included (9.5×6.5″) and an 8GB USB stick, this stunning presentation package gives clients more reason to share their images.

Give your clients high quality printed photographs in a stunning presentation box with their choice of six covers and even more colourway finishes. Prints are nestled neatly next to an 8GB USB stick. Both the box and the USB stick can be personalised, with UV printed and laser etched options available to tailor the package for your client. Store up to 100 photographic Gloss or Lustre finished prints.

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One that has it all: Book & USB Box

Offer clients a complete photography package with the Book & USB Box.

This beautifully presented package provides both a photographic print photo book as well as their images on an 8GB or 16GB USB stick to share.

The high quality, photographically printed book can hold up to 30 spreads (60 pages) and comes in a range of cover and personalisation options. This gives clients both a professionally finished photographic print photo book and their images on an 8GB USB stick to share.

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Choose rustic style: Wooden finishes

Offer clients an alternative and natural design option with wooden finished boxes and USB sticks. The wooden finishes channel a rustic look which is perfect to showcase a perfect combination of innovation and tradition.

There’s something for every client and every budget.


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With each product epitomising a rustic and natural look, you can add a personal touch to boxes, books and USB sticks in the shape of UV printing and laser etched personalisation.

The Book & Wooden USB Box includes a wooden USB stick with a photographic print photo book available in a number of cover options. The Print & Wooden USB Box comes with up to 100 photographic Gloss or Lustre finished prints.

The Wooden USB & Box also features the choice of several different lid finishes in wood, brushed aluminium and coloured acrylic options.


Three to five-day turnaround

Our handcrafted USB combination packages are ready in just five working days. Order yours on Monday and they’re ready to send on Friday the very same week.

Save on samples throughout the year

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