Did you know we do film scanning?

Do you have old film negatives you want converted to a digital format? With Loxley Colour, you can order a disc or high quality prints with complementary colour correction.

Why should you get film negatives scanned?

If you have old family film negatives, or negatives from earlier in your photography career from pre-digital times, our film scanning service can help you relive those moments.

Combining tradition and modernity

Team Loxley uses the most modern technology available in the photographic industry to create new and innovative products exclusively for professional photographers. However, that doesn’t mean Loxley Colour has forgotten its roots. After working in this industry for over 30 years, we still use traditional techniques such as film negative scanning to preserve people’s memories, no matter how old! Contact our customer service team on 0123 686 2720 or cs@loxleycolour.com to talk about sending your film negatives in for scanning. You can also speak to the team on LiveChat from our website.

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