Experiencing the Alumini with Cat Burton

Cat Burton Alumini

The Alumini creates a display like no other. Its stunning metal surface makes images stand out for a showstopping high resolution piece of wall art. That’s why Perth-based fine art photographer Cat Burton has chosen it for her new limited edition collection. Her darkly atmospheric series comprises an exquisite collection of images available on the Alumini by Loxley Colour, and Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl prints, also provided by yours truly.

We had a chat with Cat to talk about her inspiration for the series, and heard about her reaction when she first saw it brought to life on the Alumini.

Finding your style

Cat’s series of limited edition works have a dark and haunting tone to them. With a desaturated tone and eerily peaceful visage, they present a very distinct, captivating style. Photographic style can be your signature, but finding your style as a photographer doesn’t always come instantly. Cat drew inspiration from her own personal tastes to shape her own unique style:

“I’ve always liked atmospheric and haunting images, but it took me a long time to realise this and hone in on my style… I feel like my style is a representation of my own personality more than something I’ve created. Each work is revealing my innermost personality – I love to be in serene but atmospheric places, surrounded by nature. This can make it incredibly difficult to share works sometimes. It’s not just a picture – it’s my soul in pixel form, and that can be a very scary thing to share with the world.”

Cat Burton

This collection features a series of stunning landscape shots, featuring woodland, lakes and ancient ruins. She uses a desaturated, cool colour scheme to create dramatic atmospheric shots. Cat likes to capture serene and isolated shots:

“Lower saturation levels help the image feel calm, serene and sophisticated. They often look more like classic paintings than digitally created artworks. I find that when artwork is created in this style, I can look at them for a long time and get lost in them.”

Gorgeous clarity with the Alumini

Cat chose the Alumini for her limited edition range. She selected this not just for the quality, but also because she thought it would perfectly suit her photography:

“I saw the Alumini for the first time in-person at The Photography Show in Birmingham this year. I was immediately struck by the clarity and vibrance of them. For me though, the biggest draw was how stunning the darker tones and even blacks are.”

Her photography shows a mysterious world, something Cat describes as ‘bringing a world to life that is almost there, but not quite’. The Gloss finish surface works perfectly for the look she’s aiming for:

“It’s less like looking at a picture and more like looking through a window into another world. It brings my work to life. When I received my first Alumini test prints I was utterly blown away by the detail and depth. The drama and mood of my work is emphasised beautifully and results in an incredible statement piece.”

Cat Burton

With four print finishes to choose from, the Alumini offers a contemporary wall product option to suit any photographic style. Created using a unique heat-based image transfer process keeps the product lightweight and durable. Now available in custom sizes, the Alumini can be perfectly sized to any wall in the home, office or studio.

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Choosing the perfect finish for prints

Cat’s limited edition images are also available on Fine Art Pearl paper. When choosing the perfect finish for her prints, she had a few factors to consider:

“It needed to be of superior archival quality. I wanted these prints to last a lifetime. Secondly, I wanted a subtle texture – nothing strong enough to distract from the image, but a little to enhance the painting feel (rather than looking smooth like modern photos).”

Cat Burton

Getting the perfect paper to suit the tone of images is important, that’s why Cat had so many requirements when it came to choosing her print finish:

“Since my work is desaturated and usually has cooler tones, I was keen to find as pure-white a paper as possible to maintain those colours as closely to my chosen tones as possible. Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl is the perfect combination of all these requirements. It’s semi-gloss, a stunning thickness that emphasises its quality, has a lovely subtle texture, and is beautifully white. It’s the perfect paper for my work.”

The power of print

There’s nothing quite like having a professionally crafted piece of wall art. As popular as digital files have become, Cat believes traditional printed images still offer more:

“Digital files are fantastic for sharing images with friends, colleagues and wider audiences. Printed images are something entirely different though. When I print an image, I see all the stunning detail of the work, especially at the A2 and 36×24″ sizes that my limited editions are printed at.”

Her prints are only available in these sizes and, with the clarity of the Alumini, you’ll see so much detail:

“You can see every blade of grass, the individual hairs on a deer, the feather detail of a bird. It brings your work to life.”

Cat Burton

The Alumini creates an eye-catching centrepiece in any room. Cat thinks this is the reason why print will always last:

“A beautiful image adds an amazing statement to a room. It helps show the homeowner’s tastes and personality. While we’re all moving to an increasingly digital way of life, we are still surrounded by walls, and those walls will always need something beautiful adding to them.”

Perfect for the Ideal Home

You’ll have the chance to see Cat’s prints and wall products up close at the Ideal Home Show Scotland at the end of the month. She’ll be showcasing her unique style to thousands of visitors who, we’re certain, will adore this unique, limited edition wall art.

Unleash your inner artist

Cat’s niche style is beautifully unique and captivating. Owners of her art work adore the moods she captures. Her advice for aspiring fine art photographers and those who are still unsure about their style is simple:

“Keep practicing! We get better with every work we create. Skills and styles take years to develop, so keep working at it and don’t pressure yourself to find your own style too quickly. You’ll find it in your own time.”

Check out Cat’s collection online, where you can purchase a print for yourself, or visit the Ideal Home Show Scotland 31st May – 3 June and see them with your own eyes.