Create exquisite portraits with One Light Magic

One Light Magic

Learn how to capture beautiful portrait and boudoir images using minimal lighting with renowned photographer Damien Lovegrove’s One Light Magic seminar. Held at Loxley Colour HQ on Wednesday 12th of July, the seminar will discuss all the steps you can take to dramatically improve your portrait photography.

From capture to finished portrait image

Damien will discuss some of his favourite shots and how he accomplished them as part of an inspirational talk. His seminar will involve a step-by-step guide to taking photographs using his single light technique. Damien will then conduct a live photo shoot with a model, then show you how to import and edit.

With a choice of morning or afternoon sessions, learn to perfectly capture your own unique shots from one of the most influential portrait photographers in the UK. From shooting methods to editing, this seminar will teach you everything you need to know. You’ll also get a guided tour of the Loxley Colour lab, so you can see how our award-winning products are made.

One Light Magic

Damien’s career

Damien Lovegrove is recognised in the UK photography industry for contemporary making. He has developed his style over 20 years to capture fantastic images as a wedding and portrait photographer. He continues his work as a photographer but now also serves as a motivational speaker, writer, teacher and columnist.

One Light Magic

Damien’s ability to capture the beauty in his clients is why he has become such an inspiration to aspiring portrait photographers. His perception of beauty, he thinks, is the reason why his images are so eye-catching:

“I’m inspired by beauty and as I have matured as a photographer, I’ve learned to see beauty in just about everything and everywhere. It’s not what I look at that matters to me, it is what I see.”

Never stop learning with Loxley Colour

Damien’s One Light Magic seminar will be held in our newly refurbished showroom and seminar area. Suitable for practical workshops and inspirational talks, it provides the space to deliver the training you want. Delegates also get an exclusive look behind the scenes with a tour of our facilities.

Loxley Colour

Tickets for One Light Magic are selling out fast. To find out more about Damien’s seminar and to book tickets, visit his website.

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