Faster, easier uploading is here!


We’re always striving to make your ordering experience easier. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our uploading function for the Loxley Colour website has improved to make it even better!

You can now upload all your images in one go and continue to work on your products as each image loads.

What’s new?

If you’re ordering a selection of prints or multiple images on a product, you can now upload all the files you need simultaneously. While each file uploads in the background, you can make a start on your product designs.

You no longer have to wait until all your files are uploaded before you can start selecting your prints!

How to use the new uploader

It’s so easy! Select the product you want to order (i.e. Photographic Prints). Click ‘Order Now’ and you’ll see our revamped order page. All your product options are now on the right-hand side, this is where you can select your size, print finish or any other choices.

Click ‘Upload Images’ and start uploading all the files you need. You can either drag and drop images into the uploader or browse your computer. You can also select multiple images at once by following some of these tips:

  • Hold the Control key and click to select several images
  • Hold the Shift key, click the first desired image followed by the last and all images in between will be selected
  • Right-click any image thumbnail and click ‘Select All’

You’ll then see small thumbnails of all your images in the photo bank at the left-hand side of the screen. Even while some images are uploading, you can still get started and design your product. Your selected image will be highlighted in blue, just drag this to the centre working area and you’re ready to start creating!

Help us improve even more

Your feedback is always important to us. If you can think of ways for us to make your experience with Loxley Colour, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated customer service team on or 0123 686 2720.

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