Get talking about photography at the Retina Festival

Retina Festival

The fourth annual Retina Scottish International Photography Festival in Edinburgh starts later this month, running from the 18th of June to the 31st of July. We’re proud to be supporting professional photographer Bryn Griffiths’ dramatic exhibition which displays desolate Chernobyl.

The inclusive photography festival

Held at venues across Scotland’s capital, the free festival prides itself on being inclusive and encouraging of discussions about photography. This year, the festival is jam-packed full of events, seminars and exhibitions for visitors to attend, including Bryn Griffiths’ Chernobyl My Sweet exhibition. For the first time, the festival will include talks, workshops and portfolio reviews, encouraging photographers to take part in discussions about our industry and the art form.

But that’s not all! Visitors to the festival will have the chance to have their images exhibited thanks to the Photomarathon on the 2nd of July. Entrants will compete against each other to capture 12 photos with different subject matters within six hours. The aim of the competition is to create an original idea for each topic, which will then be voted on via social media. Winners will have their images displayed at the Image Collective exhibit in Ocean Terminal from the 14th to the 31st of July.

Retina Festival


The schedule for the Retina Scottish International Photography Festival is now bigger than ever. The work of award-winning members of the Association of Photographers and the Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition will be on display. This year’s festival has an exhibition of 10 Emerging Talent photographers. Shutter Hub will host their first open exhibition at the festival this year, too. The festival and Shutter Hub will also be offering portfolio reviews for one day during the festival so aspiring photographers can get some crucial feedback from professionals in the industry.

Chernobyl My Sweet

In partnership with leading photo panel manufacturer ChromaLuxe, we’re delighted to supply the Alumini wall products for Bryn Griffiths’ exhibition which features haunting images of the abandoned ruins of Chernobyl from his latest book Masters vol. 4 Evolve. The Chernobyl My Sweet exhibition incorporates images of brand new luxury Condor bicycles next to eerie photographs of rusting bikes found in Chernobyl, creating a stark contrast. The display is all about the thought-provoking disparity between the pristine and the decaying.

Retina Festival

Bryn’s photography background was put to the test when he visited Chernobyl: “Normally I would shoot in a comfortable and beautifully lit studio with all the best equipment around me. But this shoot was all about going out on location, using natural light and a wide-angle lens and photographing dereliction and decay.”

Retina Festival


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