Globetrotting weddings with Brett Florens

One Wedding: Destination Dubai

There’s nothing more exotic or exciting than photographing a destination wedding. It’s becoming more popular to jet off to a far-away location and get hitched, meaning photographers can capture some truly memorable images. World-renowned wedding photographer and Loxley Colour Ambassador Brett Florens’ latest book looks at the skills you need to take advantage of this increasing trend.

Travel the world for your business

‘One Wedding: Destination Dubai’ discusses the opportunities overseas weddings offer and why photographers should be willing to travel for high-end ceremonies. Weddings abroad are now more fashionable than ever and Brett thinks it’s time photographers offer destination wedding packages to clients, creating more opportunities for their business.

One Wedding: Destination Dubai

Brett has travelled all over the world to create beautiful wedding images, shooting in far-off locations like Florence, New York and Mauritius. ‘One Wedding: Destination Dubai’ shares the lessons he learned shooting in the Middle East, helping photographers prepare for any situation. The book explains the unexpected customs of countries as well as how to work in a new location.

One Wedding: Destination Dubai

‘One Wedding: Destination Dubai’ is a step by step guide to a whole wedding shoot in Dubai. Every part of the wedding is explained in detail, meaning photographers prepare for every step from travel to album design.

Overseas jobs may be exciting and unique, but they should still help you pay the bills. Brett discusses the details of developing pricing plans to make sure photographers account for all their expenses on trips.

Learn first-hand

For a truly memorable learning experience, take part in Brett’s next photography workshop in London. Learn how to capture stunning wedding images from one of the world’s most renowned photographers during this three-day workshop. Understand the tools required to succeed as a photographer, and the skills you can develop to improve your wedding photography. Loxley customers get an exclusive discount for Brett’s workshop. Simply use the code Loxley15 to get 15% off the ticket price.

One Wedding: Destination Dubai

To find out more about Brett’s new book ‘One Wedding: Destination Dubai’, visit his website.