In just 60 seconds a photographer’s life is changed

60 Second challenge winner

Aspiring professional photographers faced the opportunity of a lifetime at The Photography Show in March. The ’60 seconds to change your life’ competition tested entrants on every skill a professional photographer needs. The winner would receive an incredible prize package, including some goodies from yours truly.  Entrants sent a minute-long video explaining why they thought they should win, alongside three of their best images to display their inventive and creative skills.

60 Second challenge winner

The toughest challenge

Stage two saw ten finalists submit a selfie displaying their technical capabilities as well as their artistic talents. A shortlist of six were then selected to take part in a two-hour-long challenge, live at The Photography Show. The final three performed a live photo shoot on-stage where their communication and directing skills were judged by representatives from across the industry, including Nikon School and the MPA.

60 Second challenge winner

Why? To win an extensive prize package that any aspiring professional photographer would dream of. Prizes included a ‘Training byLumiere’ six-month professional photography foundation course and a Nikon D500 and AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-80 VR.

But that’s not all, the lucky winner gets a website package from Amazing Internet and a marketing package by Create Branding to help them kick off their professional photography business. The prize also includes business software courtesy of Light Blue, a year’s subscription to Professional Photography magazine and a year-long membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan and so much more!

Photo Package

To top it all off, the winner receives a bumper products package from Loxley Colour, featuring three sample albums from our award-winning Bellissimo collection. The prize also includes a Classic Coffee Table Book, Book and USB Box and a full range of branded giftware and marketing materials. The Loxley Colour prize also features  two framed print samples and two wall product samples. The winner will finally receive a guided tour of the Loxley Colour lab and will spend a day with the team.

And the winner is…

Keen photographer Emily Addis from Birmingham triumphed during the ‘60 seconds to change your life’ challenge. After producing a creative and fun selfie and proving herself to be a skilled and dedicated photographer while at the show, Emily won the competition and a fantastic batch of prizes.

Shocked by the win, Emily said: “The 60 seconds competition was a crazy and wonderful experience from start to finish. I never expected to win, and was so overwhelmed when they announced my name live on stage! It was great to meet the other entrants and especially humbling to win against such talented finalists.”

60 Second challenge winner

Emily currently has a fine art website and wedding website. Her new collection of samples, combined with the rest of her prize means her fledgling business is set to grow even more.

The ultimate business package

The competition prize covers every aspect of a professional photographer’s work. Emily now has everything she needs to kick start her career; the combination of camera equipment, memberships, insurance, photo products and industry advice will give Emily the confidence and means to grow and develop her business.

Follow Emily on her journey

In the next few months, Emily will receive her new Loxley Colour samples as well as a tour of our lab and some key industry insider tips from our team. Keep up to date with her journey right here to find out what Emily thinks of her new products and see how her business develops over the next year.