MORE Upgrades to Bellissimo Albums

Bellissimo Album upgrades

We recently updated our award-winning Bellissimo album range, adding white end sheets, double and triple thick pages and white core easy sheets. That wasn’t enough for Team Loxley however, we’re thrilled to introduce the next set of upgrades!

Padded or unpadded? It’s now your choice!

Available with the Perfetto, Classico, Fine Art and Luxe albums, you can now opt for a padded or unpadded front cover on both material and image wrap covers.

New Padded and Unpadded cover options

We understand that a padded cover is down to personal taste. It’s now up to you and your clients if you want this feature in your Bellissimo album! You can now create a more modern, lighter album for clients who prefer something a little more contemporary.

Discover the new cover materials

We’ve got a host of new materials available on the Perfetto, Classico and Fine Art albums! The Metallic Linen range features a selection of beautiful modern colours. We have also expanded our Hessian collection to feature two gorgeous new subtle colours!

You can now also opt for Smooth Touch – this tactile black cover has previously only ever been available on the Bellissimo Luxe album, but we have expanded this so you can add it to your favourites.

And finally, Calabria is now available on these three albums. This unique cover material has only ever been available on select products from our Presentation range, but we’re now giving you the chance to create coordinated photography packages that match over a range of products!

We’re proud to present the Album Box – our newest product!

We’re doing away with the black leatherette presentation boxes and offering you these stylish new displays! The Album Box can be designed to perfectly match your album. With an optional personalised front cover, a gorgeously subtle linen padded interior, and coordinated ribbon, this new keepsake is a beautiful way to present albums to clients.

New Album Box

These new presentation boxes will be available to design and add to your albums order as you are purchasing via Loxley Designer Pro. This means you can order both at once, saving you time and resulting in a stunning presentation package!

USB Upgrades

As well as new-look Album Boxes, you now have the chance to add a matching USB stick to this package! We’ll create a section within your Album Box to fit a USB stick so your clients have everything in one beautiful box. Design the USB stick to perfectly match both the album and box for a wonderful matching product presentation your clients will simply love!

New matching USB options


This new range of USB sticks will also be available as standalone products, so you can design these to match other products in your photography packages.

More updates coming soon

We’re nowhere near finished revamping this award-winning collection. Keep an eye on the Loxley Colour blog to discover what the next selection of upgrades and additions are!