Road to the Societies Convention: Ketan Amin

Ketan Amin

We’re counting down the weeks until the Societies Convention 2018 and grabbing exclusive interviews with some of the speakers at the show. There’s 11 weeks to go and this week we speak to Brentford-based photographer Ketan Amin about his seminars at next year’s highly anticipated Convention.

Handling Objections

Ketan has been a wedding photographer for over 10 years, he’s learned a lot in this time and hopes to pass on his knowledge and experiences to the next generation of photographers. His ‘Handling Objections – Before, During and After the Event’ masterclass is all about the unforeseen issues photographers can face:

“My talk will provide photographers with insights and tools to manage queries wherever, whenever they might arise… If done correctly, what started out as a potentially serious issue could turn into a pipeline of referrals.”

Ketan Amin

The masterclass will give delegates the chance to share their own experiences of objections from clients and how they handled them. Ketan wants to create an interactive environment and hopefully establish a network of friends where they can seek out advice in the future:

“I’m hoping that delegates attending will come from a variety of backgrounds, differing skill sets and levels of experience. What better environment to share and learn from each other?”

The importance of upselling

Ketan chooses Loxley Colour as his primary supplier of key products for clients, his absolute favourite is the Infinity Coffee Table Book. Using it as a beautiful lay-flat Signing Book, it is popular with his clients because of its high quality:

“The binding is the best I’ve encountered and the colours render exceptionally well. A critical feature for me is the quality of the paper – it holds the ink extremely well so there is no ‘bleed’ onto facing pages.”

Infinity Coffee Table Book

His other Masterclass, ‘Getting Comfortable with Upselling’, focuses on the benefits of selling products to clients after the event. Like many professional photographers, upselling is a huge part of Ketan’s business. He believes that because of the close relationships photographers have with their clients, upselling is a great way to account for the hours of work you do before and after shooting the event:

“Wedding photographers often go above and beyond the call of duty. Needing to upsell should feel like remuneration for a job well done and a relationship skilfully built and managed.”

Bellissimo Memento

Photographers have to do a lot of prep work before a wedding, and then comes the designing of albums and other products. Upselling with photography package add-ons like downscales, desktop products and Giftware is a great way to finance the extra hours wedding photographers put in before and after the event:

“Our work ‘starts’ after the event. The hours of post-production, album design and other such activities often dwarves the several hours of actually shooting the wedding.”

Secure your place today

With over a decade’s worth of experience under his belt, Ketan hopes to be able to pass on some advice to the next generation of photographers:

“Strive for professional mannerisms and attitudes, excellence in craft and deliver exceptional quality!”

Ketan Amin

Tickets are on sale for Ketan’s masterclasses now. Secure your place today and learn the benefits of upselling and how to handle client objections.