Road to SWPP: Brett Florens

Brett Floren: Road to SWPP

We are delighted to see so many of our customers hosting workshops and seminars at the 2017 SWPP convention. With only five weeks to go, we spoke to Loxley Colour Ambassador and internationally acclaimed photographer, Brett Florens about the
ever-changing photography industry and his training workshops at the Convention.

Educating Educators

Brett will host a total of four training seminars at this year’s Convention. One in particular tackles the business of teaching. This photographer training seminar is about educating the educators. His So You Think You Can Teach? superclass focuses on what skills photographers need to develop in order to get ahead in the competitive market of photography training. Brett believes a lot of established professional photographers are turning to creating educational content for two reasons:

“One, it benefits the industry; two, it is a lucrative business for the educator!”Brett Floren: Road to SWPP

While admitting that educating is financially beneficial to photographers, Brett acknowledges that they should work just as hard at this as they do for their primary source of income:

“In order for it to be a sustainable business, you need to be supplying a quality product. Delegates need to find exceptional value in your teaching, with the result that they feel emboldened to make significant, measurable changes to their business.”

Balancing Business & Creativity

Brett’s other classes balance their focus on photography techniques as well as developing business knowledge. In this fast-paced industry, he believes it is crucial for both established and budding photographers to have a good understanding of both of these elements equally. He identifies ignorance of business practices as a major issue in the industry:

“We photographers are creative people, so it stands to reason that we love the creative process. Unfortunately, what most creative people intrinsically lack is logic, structure and business savvy… To run a successful and sustainable photography business, we need to have a good balance of both, and this is sadly where a lot of incredibly talented photographers have fallen short.”Brett Floren: Road to SWPP

Brett’s Experience

Having been in the business for nearly 25 years, Brett’s career gives an abundance of experience and life lessons that he can impart on others. He describes himself as being ‘self-taught’ and admits he has made some mistakes throughout his career. He hopes to teach his seminar attendees the ways to avoid any unnecessary struggles in their own careers:

“In my lectures, I share marketing techniques and effective long-term business strategies that result in a sustainable business. I talk about the pitfalls and potential hurdles that they may encounter along the way, as well as topics such as pricing structures, marketing to other suppliers in the industry, understanding and researching your target market as well as workflow and post-photography sales.”image_03

Brett & Loxley

Brett a Loxley Colour ambassador and together we’ve developed an important relationship that supports the growth of his photography business. He describes us as the ‘perfect partner’ for his business. He believes a quality service is important for everyone involved:

“I target high-end clients who demand exemplary quality and service at all times. Thus, having reliable and consistent suppliers is imperative to the longevity of my business… Ultimately, they [Loxley Colour] understand that the photographic industry is about long-term relationships and that their success depends on my success – and to this end, they treat my business as their own.”

Advice for Beginners

Brett has a few tips for people determined to start a career in professional photography:

“Get advice from a business analyst… The best photographic educators will also share with you their essential business strategies that help to keep their own businesses alive. Without a solid business plan, you will not make it as a professional photographer.”

Starting up any type of business is difficult today, and many people tend to rush into things. Brett thinks the best approach is to take your time and focus exactly on what area you want to work in first and develop that as much as possible:

“Once you’ve truly mastered your craft in one area, you can start delving into different genres. Develop your own brand and identity. It’s great to be influenced and inspired by photographers that you admire, but you need to find your own style or signature that sets you apart from the crowd.”Brett Floren: Road to SWPP

Where & When

The So You Think You Can Teach? superclass will be held on 13 January. Visit for details about his other seminars and to book tickets. To look at some of Brett’s fantastic work, or to discover more about his online training videos and live international photography training workshops and mentoring , visit .