Road to SWPP: Sean Conboy

Road to SWPP: Sean Conboy

Only one day until the Societies’ Convention. We’re delighted to see dozens of Loxley Colour customers hosting seminars and classes at the show. We continue our countdown to the Convention by speaking to world renowned architectural photographer, Sean Conboy, about his seminars and experience in the industry.

Sean’s History

Sean’s career was always destined to be in architectural photography thanks to his childhood interests. Today, he works all over the world, taking beautiful structural photographs and bringing rooms to life through professional lighting and camera angles. He believes his passion began early in life:

“I always had an interest in buildings since I was a small boy and when I started in photography, I quickly discovered I liked being out on location rather than in a studio. When I was a student, I went to a seminar with George Tanner, a very famous interior photographer who had trained under John Maltby, and when I saw how he lit up interiors, I was captivated and was inspired to become an architectural interior photographer.”Road to SWPP: Sean Conboy

The Seminars

The superclass Interior Photography will focus on the technical skills people can develop to help improve their images. The class will allow delegates to shoot their own images under Sean’s guidance. He wants attendees to learn to slow down and spend more time on their photography:

“We will look at how to get the most out of the space captured within the camera, how to use flash lighting to add detail, drama and depth to the shot, how we can use light to make a 2D image look 3D.”

His other class, Architectural Photography, both Inside and Out, discusses camera movements, planning and lighting. The aim of this masterclass is to teach delegates how to develop their traditional photography techniques to help them stay competitive in today’s market. This class has a greater business focus, teaching people how to use their architectural photography skills for other areas such as weddings and portraiture.Road to SWPP: Sean Conboy

Corporate Photography

Sean’s primary source of business is from corporate projects, photographing buildings and rooms for various businesses. Part of the reason for his success is his method of balancing technical experience and creativity:

“Technical knowledge is very important in corporate photography because the buyers are experienced in sourcing this type of work and expect technical excellence, but the creative element, I think, is even more important because that is what will give you your edge and make you stand out in this very competitive area.”

Sean & Loxley

Sean works with Loxley Colour to produce albums and large prints for his displays. He believes print is still the best format to display a professional photographer’s images:

“Loxley Colour help me by producing superb printing, which I use in my portfolios to sell my images. I believe it is so important in today’s digital world to show your work in printed form, it gives you a chance to show the client the true quality of your work rather than showing it on a screen which may not show it in its best light.”

Aside from personal preference, Sean thinks printed photographs can have a positive impact on a photographer’s business:

“It lets the client see the value of what they have commissioned and gets them thinking of how they may be able to use the images in a printed form.”Road to SWPP: Sean Conboy

Advice for the Future

Sean’s advice for those just starting their photography careers is something he will be discussing in both of his seminars. He hopes photographers take time to think about what sort of images they want from photoshoots:

“Wait for the right moment to take the shot when the light is at its best and, with interiors, think of how you can use supplementary lighting to make your imagery stand out. Take your time to look for the right shot. A smaller section of high quality images will create a lasting impression.”Road to SWPP: Sean Conboy

Where & When

Sean’s classes will be held on 14 and 15 January. To buy tickets, visit To look at some of the fantastic images produced by Sean, visit