Road to the Societies’ Convention: Julia Boggio

Julia Boggio

As the Societies’ Convention approaches, we continue our countdown by chatting with family and portrait photographer Julia Boggio.

Julia will host two masterclasses at the Convention in five week’s time, so we wanted to find out more about them, and her successful career.

Julia’s journey to photography

Julia worked in marketing for 10 years before she switched careers to photography. She started out as a wedding photographer and, having worked in this area for many years, she sought a change and wanted to start working with her husband:

“We crunched the numbers and decided to open a family portrait studio. We also wanted to start a family of our own, so it really felt like the right decision.”

Julia Boggio

She’s since created a successful business creating stunning images of families. Her years in the industry have given her a wealth of experience, something she’s keen to pass onto the next generation of photographers:

“I believe that I have a lot to offer the photographic industry as far as experience and knowledge goes and I feel ready to give back to it. I’ve learned so much from other mentors over the years; I am now at the stage in the lifecycle of my business and life to impart my wisdom.”

A passion for pin-ups

Julia’s ‘Getting into Pin-up Photography‘ masterclass focuses on this photography style. Despite being well-known for her portraiture and family shoots, pin-up photography is a style Julia is also passionate about:

“Pin-up photography is so much fun to shoot. I’ve always enjoyed that it doesn’t take itself too seriously it’s sexy, but also cheeky. Pin-up allows the personality of the subject to shine through.”

Julia Boggio

She hopes delegates will feel encouraged to take up this style of photography and offer it to their clients:

“I want the attendees to feel confident enough to give it a go… I’ll talk people through preparing for the shoots and actually doing the shoots step-by-step.”

Getting into marketing

Julia’s other masterclass, ‘Sales and Marketing for Photographers who Hate Sales and Marketing‘, is all about her other area of expertise. Julia has a background in marketing, so she has been able to use these skills to build up her photography business and market it to the right people. She wants to share this knowledge with fellow photographers who are perhaps unsure about how to properly market their work:

“I want people to walk away with ideas and skills that they can implement right away, and I also want them to change their attitude towards marketing, even if it’s just a little.”

Julia understands how vital marketing is to photographers, no matter their style or client base:

“Without marketing and sales, you don’t have a business… I’ve been in the business a long time. I’ve had a wedding-centred business, a busy photography studio, and now I have a more fluid portraiture business that services the luxury market. There isn’t a marketing technique I haven’t considered or tried.”

Julia Boggio

Because Julia has experience in both photography and marketing, she believes anyone can successfully market their business today:

“I have a business degree in Marketing and I spent almost 10 years in advertising before turning to photography, so I understood subjects like branding and targeting from the very beginning of my photographic career. Nowadays, there is so much business support for photographers, including in my Facebook group, Lightbulb for Creatives in Business, that photographers have a wealth of resources at their fingertips.”

A great way of improving sales is to offer clients a selection of creative ways to display images. Julia uses Loxley Colour to supply her clients with gorgeous keepsakes, displaying their treasured memories from the shoot. She offers clients a package of beautiful products, but has one particular favourite:

“I’ve been a big fan of the Glacier Block basically since I began my studio business in 2009. They have always been a great seller and a fantastic add-on in a viewing session.”

Julia Boggio

The purpose of Julia’s masterclass is to encourage photographers to market their work to better suited clients and to understand how important these skills are:

“I actually think marketing a business should work your creative muscle just as much as your photography.”

Learn from Julia – get your tickets

Julia is excited to help photographers improve their skills, using her wealth of experience. She’s got one key piece of advice:

“I’m full of advice for aspiring photographers! But top of the list would be to spend time acquiring business skills as well as photography skills. They are both equally important.”

Secure your place at one or both of Julia’s masterclasses before time runs out! Learn everything you need to know about marketing your business and gain tips on how to start shooting pin-up photography.