Road to the Societies’ Convention: Sean Conboy

The Societies’ Convention opens tomorrow! If you’re attending, you can visit Team Loxley at stand 41-45 where you’ll find a selection of our award-winning products, plus some exclusive show discounts and offers.

The Convention offers so many opportunities for photographers to gain new skills for 2020. We spoke with architectural photographer Sean Conboy about his superclass at the Convention and what you will learn if you attend.

Making the most of your light

Sean’s superclass will focus on the principles and techniques of both architectural and interior photography. He’ll be using his years of experience to explore how to perfectly catch striking and stunning shots for clients:

“We will look at how to get the most out of the space capturing within the camera, how to use flash lighting to add detail, drama and depth to the shot and how we can make a 2D image look 3D. Particularly with interior photography, light is the key coupled with strong viewpoints to make the imagery stand out.”

Sean wants commercial and architectural photographers attending his superclass to understand the challenges that face them and to find what it takes to make them stand out:

“You are always up against some very stiff competition, so you have to make sure your work stands out to give your clients a reason to book you. This is where understanding and making the most of light in the scene will make your images pop. You have to capture the space in the best possible light, maybe in a way the client has never seen.”

He acknowledges that the advances in technology make it easier to capture a decent shot, so he wants photographers to know that their expertise can be the difference between a passable image and a striking photograph:

“In today’s world it is quite easy to get a reasonable image, so we have to introduce the right elements to the shot with viewpoint and lights to give your images the wow factor.”

Teaching photography

Sean loves teaching fellow photographers new techniques because it gives him the chance to gain a new perspective on his own work and lets him chat with like-minded people who are just as passionate about photography as he is:

“It is a great opportunity to take a step back and realise what you have been doing with your photography. Sometimes with work and running a business, it is hard to get the time to realise what you have been up to. I love to see the enthusiasm from the audience when you give a presentation, and I particularly like the questions people ask. I get a buzz of people’s enthusiasm for photography.”

Sean won’t only be teaching at the Convention, he is also going to attend some classes himself this week, so he can develop and improve his skills even further:

“I find there is so much choice, you can never get to see all you want to see. I really enjoy hearing what other people get up to in all the different spheres of photography.”

Creating your portfolio

As a predominantly commercial photographer, Sean finds little use for selling printed products to his clients, as most are looking for striking images to feature on their website. However, Sean still appreciates the power of print and uses products to gain new clients and boost his sales:

“My favourite products are the Bellissimo Albums, they make the most wonderful portfolios, particularly with the acrylic covers. They have made me a lot of money as they go down so well in client presentations.”

Sean has discovered that he can elevate his photography for prospective clients when using the right products as he believes they respond better to a printed image than to digital:

“I find clients love to see the printed images. I use the metallic papers which suit my subject matter so well. I go for the largest album I can carry. I always want to show my imagery as big as possible to get over the image quality to the client.”

What’s next for Sean?

Always busy, Sean will be photographing cruise ship interiors in Europe and the USA this year with some beautiful hotel projects in Scandinavia too.

If you want to improve your interior or architectural photography, check out Sean’s superclass on Saturday 25th of January at 1pm.