Road to the Societies Convention: Sean Conboy

Sean Conboy

With just 10 weeks to go until the 2018 Societies Convention, we’re continuing our series with architectural photographer Sean Conboy. After hosting successful talks at 2017 Convention, Sean’s back with more educational seminars to inspire.

Capturing the light

Sean’s fascination with architecture is reflected in his stunning photography. For each assignment, he carefully studies the room or space seeking its best qualities, looking for the key composition that will make the perfect shot:

“Looking not only for the best angles and which lenses might work best, but also how the light in the room works. Work out what time will be the best to photograph the room, when the light in the room and coming into the room will work best.”

Sean Conboy

Sean hopes delegates at his ‘Architectural Interior Photography’ masterclass will take away the basics of lighting for interiors, a key factor in creating high impact images. He’s keen to show people the best tips to search for the perfect angle for the perfect shot:

“I would like to think that people will be able to learn how best to scout out a space for the best viewpoints and how to use focal length to their best advantage.”

The value of a printed image

Working with Loxley Colour, Sean believes showing clients a high quality print is more effective than a digital image:

“I feel it’s so important to show printed images to a client, I use the large Loxley albums to show my work. You get one chance to present to a client, so the print and quality presentation has to be first class.”

Sean Conboy

Sean displays his photography in albums as a portfolio to show to prospective clients. He chooses Loxley Colour Bellissimo albums because he believes the way he shows his work should be as impressive as his images:

“All the effort with large format cameras, medium format digital back and lighting, you need to make sure the final presentation is as good.”

A guide to interior photography

Sean describes his ‘Interior Photography’ superclass as very much ‘hands-on’ creating a great opportunity for delegates to capture their own images under his guidance:

“I try to give everyone a chance to shoot an image in the space with the large format camera, digital back and lighting, helping them with the techniques and talking through the approach.”

Sean Conboy

The superclass will see delegates and Sean explore the interesting interior of the Conference venue to find an creative angle to shoot from. This will provide the opportunity to learn all about seeking out the perfect viewpoint on location. It’s a great chance to learn about every aspect of an interior shoot, giving you the essential hands-on experience you need to master your own architectural or interior photography.

Secure your place, learn from the best

Sean’s advice for those making their start in the photography world is simple:

“Keep taking pictures wherever you can. Practice your technique. The more practice the better you will get.”

For aspiring architectural photographers, learning how to use and work with light is a crucial piece of advice Sean wants to give:

“Look and look again at the light different times of day and different times of year, learn how to read the light and make the most of it. Play around with supplement lighting when you can, sometimes you will make mistakes, but quickly learn from them. Above all, enjoy your photography.”

Sean Conboy

To improve your architectural and interior photography skills, secure your place at one or both of Sean’s seminars today. This is a unique chance to learn first-hand from one of the most renowned architectural photographers in the industry, don’t miss out!