Road to the Societies Convention: Trevor & Faye Yerbury

We’re incredibly excited to be kicking off our Road to the Societies Convention blog series. Helping us begin the Road to the Societies’ series are Trevor and Faye Yerbury, world renowned fine art photographers and Loxley Colour Ambassadors. Trevor and Faye will be hosting two seminars at next year’s Convention, helping photographers develop the skills they need to master fine art portraiture.

Learning with Yerbury Studio

Trevor and Faye have been hosting educational workshops and seminars for over two decades, consistently selling out across the world. If you’ve ever attended a seminar by the creative duo, you’ll know that the passion for their art is clear to see. Their aim at this year’s convention is to encourage the next generation of photographers to hold that affection for the craft too.

Their ‘Contemporary Studio’ superclass will invite delegates to take part in a live shoot and create fine art photography that they can use in their portfolios. Trevor hopes the class will give people a chance to see how he and Faye work:

“How we create our signature images and how we market them… Delegates will also see how we work, how we develop our ideas, how we style our images and our visualisation of how the finished work will look.”

Yerbury Studios

Their ‘So… you want to be a portrait artist?’ masterclass discusses lighting and posing techniques used to capture their unique style of photography. The seminar will also talk about the ways in which Trevor and Faye Yerbury work with clients. Faye believes photographers should be able to communicate easily with clients:

“Having the skills to communicate and put people at ease, to trust that they are in good professional hands and that they will produce good work for them.”

Creating a signature style

Creating a recognisable brand and style of photography has always been crucial to Trevor and Faye’s success. Over time, photographers may change their style to suit new technology or fashions. Trevor and Faye have remained faithful to their original style, creating a memorable look that people recognise. Their work today reflects the same taste and talent that they displayed photographing with film, always maintaining the essence of their photography style. The importance of creating a recognisable style is crucial, as Trevor Yerbury says: “Creating a signature style takes many years.”


Working together for 20 years

Yerbury Studio have worked with Loxley Colour for over 20 years, Faye thinks our partnership has helped them provide clients with the highest quality products in the industry:

“I think Loxley offer the best printing service to photographers, their choice of frames and albums is hard to beat. In my opinion, the service and helpful advice is second to none.”

With a huge amount of experience and a world-renowned reputation, both Trevor and Faye have built a well-established style around their name. Trevor also believes the service they have received from Loxley Colour over the years has helped them a lot:

“We have been clients with Loxley Colour for over 20 years and, in that time, have seen the company help transform the industry with its pioneering development programme, offering their clients an amazing range of products.”

Love and live your photography

Their two seminars at the Societies Convention 2017 will encourage photographers to refine their technical skills and make them think more about their true and unique style of photography. Faye’s advice for aspiring fine art portrait photographers is simple:

“They should love and live photography. Keep learning and adapt a style they will be recognised for. Keep thinking of new projects to keep their interest alive and fresh.”

Faye & Trevor Yerbury

Trevor hopes their seminars will educate and inspire:

“I believe that it is important to give back to the industry and hope that our experiences and passion can help inspire and motivate the next generation of photographers.”

Faye & Trevor Yerbury

Secure your spot

Tickets for Trevor & Faye’s ‘The Contemporary Studio’ and ‘So… you want to be a Portrait Artist?’ seminars are on sale now, but be quick, their seminars sell out quickly. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn from two of the industry’s most influential photographers first-hand, and kick off 2018 inspired and ready for success.