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Following months of meticulous work alongside our friends at Fundy, we’re delighted to tell you that you can now order Bellissimo albums directly using Fundy Designer software.

This impressive new development marks a significant milestone in our partnership with Fundy, with Loxley Colour the first professional lab in Europe to offer integrated album ordering in conjunction with our friends in the United States. The move is designed to make ordering albums even easier, with album design time of just 15 minutes.

Your step by step guide to Fundy Designer

Click New Album to begin your album project.

Select Fundy Direct as the ‘Album Type’ option.

Select Loxley Colour as your ‘Album Company’.

Funny Direct: Step 2

Select the ‘Book Line’ and size you’d like.

Currently, direct ordering is supported with the Bellissimo Perfetto in 10×14″, 12×12″, and 14×10″ and the Bellissimo Fine Art in 10×14″, 12×12″, and 14×10″  with more options coming very soon. Remember, you can change your album line or size at any time during your design process.

Now, it’s time to design your album. (To learn more about how to design an album in Fundy Designer, click here. For helpful album design tips, click here).

When your album is complete, click the ‘Order’ button in the top right corner.Funny Direct

When you click order, the spreads of your album will automatically be exported and uploaded to Fundy’s server and sent to us here at Loxley, so you don’t have to export and upload your spreads manually.

Fundy Direct

Once the upload to Fundy’s server is complete, select your cover material and any other options available in the shopping cart. From there, you simply add your payment information, and your album order is complete!

Note: Only the Bellissimo Perfetto album is currently available to order in Fundy Direct. Many more album and book lines from Loxley Colour are available under the Design and Export option in the Fundy Suite.

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Funny Direct

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