Upgraded Media Folios have arrived!

Media Folio

As part of our 2018 product revamp, we’ve given CD, DVD and USB Folios an upgrade to make them better than ever. Offer clients a digital alternative to printed images with the new and improved Media Folios.

Bigger and better

Media Folios are now exclusively available in the larger size of 6×6″ and with 11 gorgeous covers options. They’re perfect to give clients as a standalone item or as part of a bigger photography package.

You can now order a USB Folio with either an 8GB or 16GB stick, giving you more space to store images and the chance to offer clients an even greater selection of their memories. The Media Folio still offers clients the alternative option of having their digital files in a personal and tactile product. But, with more storage and designs available, you’ve now got more choice, so you can easily tailor to suit your clients’ tastes.

Media Folio

Key Features:

  • 6×6″ size
  • 11 cover materials available
  • UV Print & Laser Etching personalisation
  • Ready in three working days

These new-look Media Folios give you even more options for image storage and design. Coordinate with other products in photography packages and offer clients a stunning selection of matching keepsakes.

Media Folio

Order Media Folios online

We’ve simplified the ordering process, so Media Folios are now exclusively available online. You can now quickly select your digital storage option, add any personalisation and order through the Loxley Colour website.

We’re making things even easier for you with this hassle-free move to online ordering. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Select the product
2. Upload your images
3. Choose customisable options
4. Go to checkout

Easy Online Ordering

It really is that easy. This gives you the chance to order beautiful products through a streamlined system, so you’ve got more time to focus on your craft.

The digital photography solution

Offer clients a digital photography solution with a personal touch. Order the Media Folio and discover the full range of new choices and see just how quick and easy it is to select and design your products.