Ambassador Spotlight: Colin Prior

Colin Prior spotlight

Colin Prior has produced some outstanding landscape images throughout his career and is one of the most well-known photographers in Scotland.

Travelling all around the world, Colin captures beautiful images from loch shores to mountain tops. As one of Loxley Colour’s ambassadors, we give you the inside scoop on his experiences as a photographer.

Having always had a passion for the natural world, Colin’s career as a photographer had an unusual beginning; having very little photography experience, he created a portfolio of images of Scotland’s coastline and the Red Sea. He was then rewarded by winning ‘best newcomer to underwater photography’ in the Camera Beneath the Waves competition in 1981. And so his professional photography career began.

The Journey of Photography 

Colin’s passion for the landscape is evident in his panoramic shots. His work has taken him to places all around the world, staying with locals and immersing himself in his work:

“It’s a journey of self-discovery – I am fascinated by the nature of perception and how to best represent it using the language of photography.”Mountain - Colin prior

Working with Loxley Colour 

Colin began working with Loxley Colour in the early ‘90s, helping his business by printing his spectacular images and turning them into high quality wall art products. His main reason for staying with Loxley Colour for the past two decades is our high-quality service:

“[It is] the combination of the close personal relationships that we have developed and their excellent customer service.”


Colin’s international work has seen him travel to places such as Jordan and Alaska. His favourite destination so far has been Pakistan:

“The Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan which are, in my opinion, the most inspiring mountain range in the world.”

In this collection, he captured dramatic images of snow-capped mountains and some beautiful lifestyle shots of the people who live there.

Travelling - Colin Prior

Because Colin’s work deals primarily in mountain scenery, it means he must do quite a bit of climbing to get the shots he wants. He will often pack a small stove so he can have a cup of tea. As he says: “a brew up on the hill is a special treat.”

The Future of Photography 

A lot of photographers are beginning to question their relationship with digital photography. It has grown so rapidly over the past decade that many professional photographers may well wonder how they can balance print with its digital counterpart. Colin still believes print is superior:

“I am committed to continue working in print. For me, there is a much closer parallel with more conventional forms of art and I believe that people interact with printed photographs in a way that is very different from the digital environment.”The Future of Photography

His advice for aspiring photographers in this new and challenging environment is simple: “Make sure you have another income.” The digital age has had both a positive and negative influence on the photography industry, with Colin admitting he uses social media and his website for most of his business promotion, as well as word of mouth.

“When good photographs are well-printed they speak more deeply and have an authority that is denied to those in the digital world.”

Loxley Colour is delighted Colin works with us and is now one of our ambassadors. His dedication to his profession and stunning images make him a truly fascinating photographer to work with.

Colin’s portfolios can be viewed on his website: