An Introduction to Bellissimo Albums

Introduction to Bellissimo Albums

Nothing compares to a professionally crafted album. That’s why Team Loxley strives to provide you with stunning, quality albums that will stand the test of time. Our award-winning Bellissimo album collection has a wide range of styles and features that you can tailor towards any of your clients, but if you want to find out more about this collection, here’s a brief introduction to Bellissimo. If there’s a specific part of this blog you would like to read first, you can jump to that part here:

Most popular albums

Of the seven albums in the Bellissimo collection, the three most popular are the Bellissimo Perfetto, Classico and Fine Art. These three albums are particularly popular for wedding clients.

Bellissimo Perfetto:

As our most popular album, this is layflat in design, meaning you can feature showstopping images across two pages without a page break! With 16 sizes and a huge selection of cover materials and colours, you have endless choice in design with this storybook album.

Bellissimo Perfetto

Bellissimo Classico:

This traditional wedding album features a centre page break and is available in a huge range of covers and colours. With three page finish options and a number of design choices new to the Bellissimo range including non-padded covers and end sheet colour, you can create the perfect wedding album for clients.

Bellissimo Classico

Bellissimo Fine Art:

For an added bit of luxury to clients’ wedding packages, the Bellissimo Fine Art is perfect. Its subtle rounded corners and tactile Cotton Smooth pages make this album a real statement piece. Available in a selection of covers and sizes, this gorgeous display makes a really special keepsake.

Bellissimo Fine Art

Album Downscales

When building photography packages for clients, remember we offer a selection of matching downscales to main albums for a discounted price. You can save 50% on a duplicate main album and opt for an additional Pro Book, two Memento books, and five Mini Books! Check out the ‘Downscales’ tab on each album’s product page to discover which downscales will be available for your main album.

The most popular sizes with wedding photographers are 12×12″ and 14×10″ landscape. You can find at least one of these popular sizes across our entire Bellissimo collection. However, if you are looking for smaller or even bigger albums to offer, select album styles are available for you. We believe these two sizes are the most popular because when you’re offering a wedding album to clients, you want it to be a showstopping keepsake they can cherish. These two sizes offer you the chance to showcase your gorgeous images on the big stage!

Popular Album sizes

There are four print finishes available across select albums in the Bellissimo collection. These include photographic finishes Gloss, Lustre and Metallic and the fine art Cotton Smooth paper. When it comes to selecting a print finish for your album, there are a range of factors that affect your decision; you may want a paper that matches the overall aesthetic of your images, your clients may already have decided they want a particular finish, or budget could also be a factor. If you or your clients are unsure about which paper type to select, we are here to help. You can order a Paper Selector from our samples section. This lets you see and feel all our available paper types. Alternatively, you can order a FREE test print in our four finishes to see what suits your images best. Lustre is currently the most popular paper type with clients, perhaps because of its classic, familiar style. Cotton Smooth is another client favourite because of its tactile texture. Photographic Metallic will make your images pop with colour and Gloss adds a gorgeous reflective sheen.

NEW Paper Thickness Options

We are always trying to make our award-winning Bellissimo collection even better for you, and we were thrilled to recently announce new paper thickness options for the Perfetto, Fine Art and Luxe albums. You can now opt for single, double or even triple thick pages. Page thickness can add a touch of luxury to your album and is a perfect feature to add for higher end clients.

Page thickness
Page thickness

Cover Styles & Materials

Across the Bellissimo collection, there are so many different cover styles and materials to choose from. This gives you all the freedom of design you need to tailor each wedding album to perfectly suit each couple. Our top three most popular cover styles are; Material – this is a simple, classic cover for wedding albums. Opt for an added personalised message on the front cover to make this even more special. Acrylic – this style consists of a gorgeous acrylic image on the front with a material spine and back of your choice. This creates a really eye-catching keepsake for clients. The other most popular cover is the Alumini cover. If you are familiar with our Alumini wall product, you will know an Alumini cover on an album will be truly striking. Opt for one of four print finishes and your choice of material spine for this modern cover design.

When it comes to selecting a cover material, there are so many to choose from. The most popular materials include Black Leatherette, a classic material and colour that suits a lot of couples’ tastes. Natural Hessian is a subtle, yet unique cover that particularly suits rustic-themed weddings. Grey Linen is another client favourite. This subtle, elegant material makes a beautiful wedding album and the grey colour suits a lot of modern themes and tastes.

New with Bellissimo

There are a selection of new features available in the Bellissimo collection. You can now customise so much of your clients albums, creating tailor-made keepsakes for them.

End Sheets:

The colour of your album’s end sheets can now be changed to suit your design preferences. Opt for either black or antique white end sheets when designing the Bellissimo Perfetto, Classico or Fine Art albums

Black or white End Sheets

New Material Options:

New materials are now available on select albums in the Bellissimo range. These include Smooth Touch, once previously only available for the Bellissimo Luxe, you can now add this cover to the Perfetto, Classico and Fine Art albums. Metallic Linen is now available, these eye-catching materials are perfect for wedding albums. There are now three Hessian colours available and the new Calabria material, which was previously only available on certain presentation products.

Padded & Non-Padded Covers:

Due to popular demand, you now have the option to have a non-padded front cover on Bellissimo Perfetto, Classico, Fine Art and Luxe albums. Padded covers are the classic traditional style associated with wedding albums. However, if you are looking for a more contemporary style, non-padded will be ideal for you and your clients.

New Padded and Unpadded cover options

Page Core Colour:

You now have the choice between a black or white core in your Bellissimo Perfetto, Fine Art and Luxe albums. Previously, only black cores were available, but this now gives you more choice in design and helps you create the perfect albums for clients.

Page core colours

NEW Album Boxes

One of the biggest changes to the Bellissimo collection is our new and improved Album Boxes. We can now offer you a perfectly matching album box and USB stick so you can create the ultimate coordinated photography package for clients.

The new album boxes are simple to design and order. All you have to do is add on the Album Box when you reach checkout for your main Bellissimo album, and then you can start designing your box and USB stick.

Create a gorgeous coordinated package. Choose the material type and colour, the internal colour, ribbon colour, opt for an matching USB stick and personalise both the box and stick to match your main album.

This is a fantastic way to surprise and impress clients. Provide them with a stunning, professionally crafted album and a matching USB stick with all their wedding images, both inside a beautifully matched presentation box.

NEW Bellissimo Album Box

Order your sample album

Want to see a Bellissimo album for yourself? Order a discounted sample album containing your images and designed in the exact way you want. This is a fantastic way to show clients the quality of keepsakes you offer and boost your sales. Get in touch with our team at to discuss your bespoke sample album discount.

If you already offer Bellissimo albums, but are not sure how to promote them to clients, take advantage of the brand new Loxley Colour Toolkit. Log into your Loxley Colour account and check out the ‘My Account’ page to see the new editable assets available. Add your logo, your own photography and edit the wording on promotional flyers to create materials perfectly suited to your business.