More of Your Lockdown Stories

More lockdown stories from our community
During the lockdown, Team Loxley have been honoured to discover how so many of you have adapted your businesses to still provide clients with beautiful photographs. That’s why we want to share your lockdown stories with the wider Loxley community, so you can continue to inspire other photographers during these unprecedented times. Below you’ll see some fantastic images captured by photographers around the UK during the lockdown. We hope these inspire you to get creative and gain new ideas for your business. If you would like to feature in our next Lockdown Stories blog, submit your images and quotes here.
High Flying Bird’s Eye View whilst the Local Airport was closed Paul Lakeman
Lockdown 2020 – A staged photo involving my wife and kids. I’m normally a Landscape photographer and this was really an excuse for me to still be creative with the camera and involve the kids. Graham Williamson
Lockdown life at a distance, a more honest approach Charlene McNabb – Love Gets Sweeter
Building new website and photographing products David Marsh
My Charity Wedding Dress Self Portrait Shutdown Series x 40 Lesley Burdett
The Doorstep Diary – Capturing my neighbours during lockdown Sarah Everett
Outdoor portraits Vivek Kumar
One photo of my Lockdown project ‘Matrix Life’. This is story my child, a story different than before. Life in lockdown is like a matrix. Total life changes. Agnieszka Bartkowiak
Doorstep photoshoots – raising money for NHS charities – £932. Luis Gomes
Ants carrying house lizard tail – I am a serious photography hobbyist which kept me engaged all the time in this lockdown period. Image shot with my ever searching eye. Subhash Purohit
Large spaces normally obscured by hustle and bustle present new photo opportunities Rik Ward
When the government closed pubs, I illustrated this quaint local pub – The Victoria, Hitchin, regulars loved it and bought an art print to remind them of their favourite place. Velvet Cooper
Gemma and Paul on what would have been their wedding day. A safe distanced doorstep. £2,000 raised for the Trussel Trust. Sharon Cooper
I’ve swapped photographing weddings, Christenings and birthdays for delivering food parcels, cooking for the food bank and documenting the hard work of the volunteers. Emma Wardrope
Two families together for a 50th wedding anniversary. I created a composite from two separate images, while socially distancing in a field full of cows! Laurence Jones