CutLeaf Productions’ Top 5 Drone Photography Tips

I started producing Drone Photography last year when the Pandemic started. It started out as a hobby but after uploading content online and receiving interest from locals to buy some of my pictures, I decided set up as a Print business. After gaining my Commercial License, I then was able to explore different locations around the local area and sell these on my Etsy store.  After testing out various print companies,  Loxley Colour really stood out. It’s not just the quality of the prints, but the outstanding service in which they provide and the simplicity of the ordering process. I’ve been using them since and could not fault them.

CutLeaf Productions

Here are 5 of my top tips for anyone looking to get started in the Drone Photography industry and potentially start their own business:

1) Know your drone, know the rules

Before anything, I think it’s essential that each flight is carried out safely and doesn’t endanger anyone or anything. To carry out a safe flight, ensure to follow the basics. You can find out more here:

2) Plan ahead

With a flight time averaging around 30 minutes, you haven’t got long to get the shot you’re after. To solve this, it’s simple. Plan what you want to photograph. You can do this by going on Google maps and searching for the location you’re photographing to get an idea of what it looks like from an aerial perspective. You could also have a look on Instagram to find some inspiration. The likeliness is the location has been photographed before, so there’s nothing wrong with finding inspiration from other people. Remember to check the location you’re flying as well to ensure it’s safe. A couple of Apps I use before a flight are: NATS Drone Assist and UAV Forecast.

CutLeaf Productions drone photography

3) Be creative

Although it’s good to plan ahead, don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t become stuck trying to get that one shot. Turn your drone, tilt your camera, look for small details that really capture the feeling of the image. Try to be different.

4) Learn from people

Spend time researching and learning from others. There is a library of knowledge out there for free to help. I started out watching YouTube tutorials to help get me started; from flying, composition, editing and selling, everything I learnt was from either watching others or putting my knowledge into practice.

CutLeaf Productions drone photography

5) Everyone starts somewhere

Sure, there are a ton of drones out there, but don’t jump the gun and pay for something you aren’t entirely sure how to use. Just because you have a higher end drone doesn’t mean you can take great photos. Knowledge wins, always. My advice, if you’re a beginner you should invest in the DJI Mini 2. It has great features including RAW photo capability which opens up a world of possibilities for your photography. Although, saying that, I’ve been using the DJI Mavic Mini 1 for 7 months and have managed to set up a successful business selling my Photography work. Like I said, Knowledge wins.

CutLeaf Productions drone photography

I’ve recently started a YouTube channel to help beginners in the Drone Photography industry. The channel can be found at where I cover a wide variety of tutorials such as: printing your Drone Photography, taking pictures on your Drone, editing your Drone Photography, selling your Photography, setting up your Etsy store and much more!

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