Expand your photography packages with wall products

Wall Products

With Loxley Colour, there are so many ways to boost your sales and improve your business. A great way of developing your sales is by expanding your photography packages. Start offering clients wall products and watch as your sales grow!

What’s so great about wall products?

The Loxley Colour wall product collection includes designs to suit any style of photography. Whether you’re a wedding, newborn or landscape photographer, you’ll find something to perfectly portray your work in this range.

Wall products are ideal for building a photography package full of keepsakes clients will treasure. Albums and books are great for looking back on memories with friends and family, but a wall product means they can remember those special moments every time they walk by.

Here are just some of the wall products in our collection that are popular with clients…


The Alumini is a gorgeous metal print that creates an eye-catching feature in any room. Combine this stunning wall product with a matching Bellissimo album and other keepsakes to create a substantial photography package.

Alumini custom sizes


Key Features:

  • Custom sizing available
  • NEW circular sizes
  • Four print finishes
  • Ready to send in five working days

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Acrylic Gallery

For razor-sharp focus, the Acrylic Gallery is perfect for everything from sweeping landscapes to beautiful wedding shots. Available in a range of depths and print finishes, this is a gorgeous way to display images. Add this to your photography packages for clients to admire every day.

Acrylic Gallery

Key Features:

  • Custom sizing available
  • NEW circular sizes
  • Three acrylic facemount finishes
  • Two print finishes
  • Five-working-day turnaround

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Fine Art Float Frame

This multi-level framed wall product truly puts your images in the spotlight. This is a unique and creative way to display, as the centre image is raised above the background for a beautiful layered effect.

Fine Art Float

Key Features:

  • Sizes 8×8″ to 30×24″
  • Cotton Smooth print finish
  • Torn or straight-edged print
  • Six frame colours available
  • Ready to send in five working days

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Canvas Print Wrap

A hugely popular style with clients, canvases suit a range of photography styles and represent great value, so they’re ideal for including in your packages.

Canvas Print Wrap

Key Features:

  • Sizes 8×8″ to 60×40″
  • Gloss and Satin print finishes
  • Image wrap or colour edge finishes
  • Three-working-day turnaround

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Discover the entire collection

These are just some of the stunning products Loxley Colour has to offer. Visit our wall products page to see the full range and select the styles to suit your photography and clients.

To get discounts on samples for your studio, contact samples@loxleycolour.com to discuss an exclusive bespoke discount with our sales team.