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They’re award-winning, hand-finished and arrive ready to hang. How’s that for the first impression of Wall Products from Loxley Colour?

With the range including the popular Alumini, Birchwood Panel and Acrylic Gallery, we’ve got Wall Products for every photography style.

Better than high definition: The Alumini

Welcome to the future! Metal Wall Products from Loxley Colour are contemporary and highly-defined wall art that has to be seen to be believed.


The most popular Wall Product in the collection, bring images to life and create an impact with the Alumini. Vibrant wall art has never looked so defined. It makes colours pop and adds an eye-catching focal point in any room.

Team Loxley even enlisted the help of renowned professional photographer, and Photoshop trainer, retoucher and World Instructor, Glyn Dewis, to give it a once-over. See how he got on below…

In creating the Alumini, we take the image, reverse it and apply it via heat transfer at 240° to the aluminium substrate. A choice of four coatings is then applied to provide a polished and defined finish. This stunning product is also waterproof and scuff-resistant, ensuring longevity within the home or studio.

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Alumini Surface samples

With four Alumini Surface finishes available, show clients their choice of:

  • High Gloss
  • High Gloss Brushed
  • Satin
  • Satin Brushed

A convenient addition to display in your studio or to take with you on client visits, help them choose their desired Alumini Surface with this stylish sample.

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Knock on wood with the Birchwood Panel

Our solitary wooden Wall Product comes in the gorgeous Birchwood Panel.

Birchwood Panel

A different and chic wall art piece, the panel comes with a choice of:

    • White base coating or natural finish
    • Full bleed image or optional border

The white base coating offers photographic clarity with a stained matte finish. A natural finish, however, involves your image being printed straight on to the wooden panel, offering a glimpse of wood grain that adds a natural look.

Choose a full bleed image  or, opt for a natural border to surround your image.

The Birchwood Panel stands out for all the right reasons. Give clients something special with this gorgeous Wall Product by Loxley Colour.

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Birchwood Finish sample

Can’t decide which looks better? The Birchwood Finish samples are the perfect starting point!

Birchwood samples

Give clients the best look at both finishes with the convenience of small portable samples. The finish samples are also ideal for showcasing in your studio or taking on client visits.

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For crystal clear clarity: Choose the Acrylic Gallery

We know your photography is at the top of its game. But, what if we said we could make it better still? Look no further than the Acrylic Gallery.

Acrylic Gallery

Add a layer of acrylic atop your print and define how much impact it makes with three acrylic depths in 2mm, 4mm and 6mm. Then, choose the acrylic surface finish in Gloss or Satin for 2mm acrylic option.

Finally, after selecting your acrylic, choose your print finish from Gloss and Metallic.

Acrylic Gallery

With sizes ranging from 10×8” to 60×40”, and four orientations available in Standard, Square, Panoramic and ISO, choose how much your Acrylic Gallery stands out from the crowd.

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Match with the Desk Alumini & Desk Acrylic

Give clients the full set and match Desk Alumini and Desk Acrylic to accompany their Wall Product counterparts.

Desk Alumini and Desk Acrylic

Mix and match to create the perfect look throughout your clients’ home or your studio.

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