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With a collection of different styles available, we’ve got something for every client and photography style.

Don’t keep great photography under wraps

Choose from high-quality and low-cost image-wrap products and let clients showcase photos wherever they desire.

Canvas Print Wrap

Our most competitively priced wrap, the inkjet-printed Canvas Print Wrap features innovative high-tension stretching, removing the need for a backing board without compromising the high quality.

Ready to ship in just two working days, you can enjoy a speedy handover time sure to impress clients.

Canvas Print Wrap

Canvas Print Wrap features:

  • Standard, Square, Panoramic and A-size formats
  • Innovative high-tension stretching
  • Sizes from 8×8” up to 60×40”
  • 340gsm Cotton HD canvas
  • Gloss or Satin Laminate finish
  • Choice of image-wrap or coloured edge finish
  • Two-working day turnaround

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Floating Block

Client can’t choose their favourite image? Problem solved! Give them the Floating Block. Showcase up to nine of their favourite photos on image panels set against a creative backboard, with six layouts available.

Floating Block

Crafted using a unique creation method, each panel is made from a single sheet of material that is then hand-folded to reduce image loss.

The Floating Block is the perfect product for documenting photography shoots such as weddings, maternity and newborn photography.

Floating Block features:

  • Six handpicked product layout options
  • Choose one, three, four or nine image panels
  • Five preset design templates available
  • Or, opt for a solid black or white block finish
  • Lustre Print with Satin or Gloss laminate finish
  • 5 working day turnaround

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Gallery Block

A contemporary alternative to traditional wraps, choose the stylish and versatile Gallery Block.

Gallery Block

Assembled using the same method as the Floating Block and photographically printed, you also have the choice of three depths in 20mm25mm and 40mm.

Choose how much your Gallery Block stands out from the wall with a range of additional options.

Gallery Block features:

  • Choice of canvas texture or photographic finish
  • Three depths: 20mm, 25mm and 40mm
  • Image wrap or Coloured Edge fold
  • Standard, Square, Panoramic and A-size formats
  • Sizes ranging from 6×6” to 60×40”
  • Lustre Print with Gloss or Satin Laminate finish
  • Optional Swarovski Crystal Elements
  • Black backing board
  • Comes with saw tooth hanger and black rubber bumpers
  • 5 working day turnaround

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Canvas Gallery Block

The latest canvas in the collection, the Canvas Gallery Block is a contemporary take on a classic.

Canvas Gallery Block

Made using original production methods to create perfect 90-degree edges to each corner, it’s one clients can make their own with a wide range of optional personalisation choices available.

To finish, add a sparkle to the Canvas Gallery Block with Genuine Clear Swarovski Crystal Elements.

Canvas Gallery Block features:

  • Three print depths in 20mm, 25mm and 40mm
  • Canvas Gloss or Satin Laminate finish
  • Sizes from 6×6” up to 60×40”
  • Standard, Square, Panoramic and A-size formats
  • Optional Swarovski Crystal Elements
  • 5-working-day turnaround

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Sparkle with Swarovski Crystal Elements

Add a little something to your Gallery Block and Canvas Gallery Block to make it sparkle with optional Genuine Clear Swarovski Crystal Elements.

The precision-cut crystals are added to your product for a fabulous finishing touch.

Swarovski Crystal Elements

The Swarovski Crystals are added at the discretion of trained Loxley Colour staff based on customers’ instructions that must be indicated in the ‘special instructions’ field at the checkout when ordering products.

Traditional Canvas Wrap

The Traditional Canvas Wrap epitomises quality craftsmanship. Photographic prints are bonded directly via heat press. The canvas is then hand-folded and stretched to complete the wrap, just as it has always been done.

Traditional Canvas Wrap

Built to last, the Traditional Canvas Wrap is a firm favourite among our customers owing to the traditional craftsmanship. 40mm in depth, the canvas sits flush against the wall for a flawless look.

Traditional Canvas Wrap features:

  • Handcrafted by skilled in-house craftspeople
  • Hand-stretched and hand-folded
  • Photographically printed Canvas Wrap Lustre finish
  • Sizes from 12×12” up to 60×40”
  • 40mm canvas depth
  • Available in discounted Champion sizes
  • 5 working day turnaround

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Fine Art Wrap

The Fine Art Wrap is inkjet-printed directly onto the canvas material and comes with two print options: a traditional canvas surface or a smooth photo finish.

Fine Art Wrap

Offer clients the choice of a traditional canvas with a textured surface or a smooth photo finish. Hand-folded and stretched, the Fine Art Wrap comes with a backing board, providing complete rigidity, and is available in four orientations with sizes ranging from 8×8” up to 60×40”.

Fine Art Wrap features:

  •  Inkjet printed
  •  Smooth photo Lustre with Satin Laminate
  • Or White Cotton Canvas finish with texture
  • Hand-folded and stretched
  • Four image orientations: Standard, Square, Panoramic and ISO
  • Sizes range from 8×8” to 60×40”
  • Available in Champion sizes

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Padded Print Wrap

A creative alternative to traditional canvas products, the Padded Print Wrap is ideal for baby, pet and family portrait photography.

Padded Print Wrap

Prints are layered with 6mm foam padding and MDF backing. Finally, this lightweight Wall Product has a laminated finish applied providing durability.

Padded Print Wrap features:

  • 6mm foam padded finish
  • Lightweight design
  • Metallic with Satin Laminate or Photographic Lustre print finish
  • Sizes ranging from 8×8” to 30×24”
  • Available in Clusters & Splits
  • 5 working day turnaround

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Block Wrap

Create impact with a Wall Product that is sure to stand out – the contemporary and timeless Block Wrap.

Block Wrap

With a Lustre photographic print bonded directly to the substrate, it features a lossless image fold with 12mm depth, creating a commanding effect guaranteed to bring every photography style to life.

Block Wrap features:

  • Lossless image fold
  • Lustre print with Satin Laminate finish
  • Sizes from 10×10” up to 60×40”
  • 5 working day turnaround

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