It’s all about the finishing touches with the NEW Book Sleeve

8x8 Book Sleeve

For professionals, it’s all about the presentation.

So we’re delighted to introduce the NEW 8×8” Book Sleeve, created exactly with your invaluable feedback in mind.

8x8 book sleeveDesigned primarily to present the complete photography package with the Esprit Book, the 8×8” Book Sleeve can also be used as a finishing touch for all your 8×8” albums and books from Loxley Colour.

Back in Black

The leatherette Book Sleeve comes in sleek black finish.

It’s been perfectly created in sync with the Esprit Book’s 8×8” size, with a plush padded interior offering full protection to the contents inside.

8x8 book sleeve

Versatile and stylish, the Book Sleeve also has flexible side panels that extend to comfortably house up to the maximum 40 spreads of your Esprit Book. It comes with a subtle black leatherette zip closing at the top for easy access to the book inside, with neat double stitching in cotton thread on the side panels of the exterior.

The ace up your sleeve

While it’s the perfect accompaniment to our Esprit Book, the Book Sleeve can also be used for other 8×8” albums and books with up to 40 spreads.

Give your clients a new accessory guaranteed to offer an extra layer of protection and an added element of style with the gorgeous Book Sleeve.

Or better yet, add the Book Sleeve to your sample collection to show clients an 8×8” album or book with the ideal decoration.

Tag along

Add a personal touch to the Book Sleeve with an accompanying leatherette sleeve tag with FREE optional personalisation, when ordered with an Esprit Book.

sleeve tag

This petite and elegant tag is attached with a leatherette cord and is available in 24 vibrant leatherette colours with personalisation in UV Printing or etching to choose from.

Channelling an aura of exclusivity to the tag, this fabulous accessory can only be ordered with both the Book Sleeve and Esprit Book when purchased via Loxley Designer Pro.

Pair with the Esprit Book or get it next day

Order your Book Sleeve with an Esprit Book today and we’ll send you them both in one neat package with a turnaround time of just five working days.

Alternatively, order the Book Sleeve on its own and we’ll send it out to you the very next working day.*

The choice is yours.

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