Putting your photography in the frame

Award-winning framing

It’s all about putting your photography in the frame, so opt for our award-winning service and offer clients millions of combinations, with something for everyone.

With 37 moulding profiles in Contemporary, Lifestyle, Traditional and Vintage collections, each of our Frames is individually handcrafted, created with meticulous attention to detail.

We’ve got something for every style, every budget and every client with our four Framing collections, with stylish structure provided in the shape of elegant mounts.


Channelling modern influence through designs that will grab your attention, the Contemporary collection of Frames adds a cutting edge to frame moulds.

Featuring two of our most competitively-priced mouldings in the Spectrum and Sanctuary, the Contemporary collection includes an effortless blend of frames featuring natural looks as well as brilliant and vibrant colours.

Our latest Contemporary frames:
Contemporary frames


True to the word, the Lifestyle collection is fit for any room with a mix of relaxed, composed and subtle style.

Featuring minimal design with unique characteristics, our Lifestyle collection includes frame mouldings that will command a place on any wall.

Our latest Lifestyle frames:
Lifestyle frames


Add timeless and classic style to clients’ walls with the Traditional collection of frame mouldings. Epitomising traditional design which will be at home in any room, the range oozes elegance and sophistication.

Harking back to more traditional styles of times gone by, this collection features gold, silver and gunmetal finishes, embodying a different era. Add a new look to ageless style with this gorgeous collection.

Our latest Traditional frames:

Traditional frames



Sure to stand out on any wall with original designs inspired by the vintage era, our Vintage collection of Frames is eye-catching, striking and flamboyant.

Featuring ornate decoration with an eclectic aura, the Vintage range of frame mouldings include intricate patterns that lend a hand to noir photography styles.

Our latest Vintage frames:

Vintage frames


Chevrons and Straight Frame Samples

Want to showcase frame mouldings options to clients on the go?

Then get your hands on our practical Frame Chevrons and Straight Frame Samples and let your clients experience each frame moulding in the range.

Chevrons and frame samples

Sample Mount Pack

Why stop at frame mouldings when you can add another layer of vibrant colour to your photography with one of 12 mount boards to complement your images.

Get your Sample Mount Pack today for just £12.95 and show your clients 12 stylish colours they can choose from.
Sample mount pack

Order your sample

We want to help you build the perfect package for your business. Whether it’s a range of products for your studio or a selection of albums for venue promotion, you can now curate the perfect sample product range by contacting samples@loxleycolour.com.

Take advantage of our free source of advice and support, whether you’re building your first ever sample package, or refreshing your samples for the new year. We’re here for you, every step of the way.

Matching Desk Frames

In addition to our extensive Framing collection, we also offer the perfect upsell opportunity for photography packages with a select range of Framed Desk Prints.

Framed desk prints

The range of Framed Desk Prints includes seven of our Frame mouldings that can be matched to create an ideal photography bundle for clients.

Pair your Frames and Framed Desk Prints today.


It’s no exaggeration when we say there are literally millions of Framing combinations to choose from and offer your clients.

There’s something for everyone and every budget with this fabulous collection.

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