Matt or Gloss: Which is better?

Nothing beats a printed photograph, and the print finish you select can make a huge difference to your client’s reaction. Here at Loxley Colour, we’ve been professionally printing photographers’ images for over 30 years. Over the years we have introduced unique print finishes from some of the top paper manufacturers in the world, including Epson, Fujifilm and Hahnemühle. Our two most popular print finishes for Photographic Prints continue to be Photographic Lustre and Photographic Gloss. So which is better? Or which suits your photography best? Let’s go into more detail about these popular print finishes and discover which print finish will be best for your images.

What’s the difference?

Matt or gloss, they’re really polar opposites, but what makes these print finishes so popular? They represent the two classic styles most clients will be somewhat familiar with. Photographic Lustre is a traditional matt print finish. Photographic Gloss is a finish often recognisable in commercial prints. Gloss has a 240gsm thickness whereas Lustre has a slightly thinner feel with 230gsm. Both of these finishes are produced by world renowned paper manufacturer Fujifilm, so you can rest assured that no matter what finish you opt for, you know you’re receiving quality.

Which genres do they suit?

Both of these print finishes suit a wide range of occasions. Your clients’ personal tastes should also be brought into consideration. Both these finishes are priced the same, so the decision can be made solely on your client’s tastes and what you think makes your image look the best. The Lustre print finish option is a matt print that presents bright colours in a classic fashion. It’s a finish that’s designed to suit all genres of photography, from weddings to landscapes. The Gloss finish option presents beautiful vivid colours and a glossy sheen. Of the two finishes, this is the more glamourous option and would be ideal for a wide range of genres including weddings, landscapes and even commercial photography.

Print finish swatches

Order the Loxley Colour print finish swatch booklet to see examples of the Gloss and Lustre options. This is ideal for showing to clients before they make their decision, but it also lets you see the detail these options can offer for your photography.

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