Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Loxley Colour

2020 was not the start to the new decade we wanted or expected. Covid-19 has dramatically affected the photographic industry in ways we could have never predicted.

We know this year has been far from normal, but we wanted to have some sense of normality and do our usual round up of the year on the Loxley Colour blog. So here’s our round up of 2020, the year that wasn’t!

Societies’ Trade Awards

One of the last normal experiences of 2020 was enjoying the Societies’ Trade Show & Awards in January. We brought our huge range of high quality products down to London with some of our fabulous members of Team Loxley to chat with you and answer any of your questions. It was great to meet up with old friends and use the trade show as a great opportunity to make new ones too.

This trade show was where we debuted our new sample packs, letting you buy a bundle of matching samples suited to your photography genre for a fantastic price. You loved these sample packs so much we decided to keep them as a permanent feature of our samples, rather than a one-time offer. This means if you’re looking for a fresh set of samples or ideas for photography packages, these sample packs are available all year round.

We were absolutely thrilled to once again win the Best Professional Album award, making it a whopping 10 times we have won this prestigious award. We’d once again like to thank everyone who voted for us and showed their support, it really means the world to us.

If you’d like to continue your support into 2021, you can vote for us yet again in the 2020 awards! Vote Loxley Colour your Best Professional Lab and provider of the Best Professional Album before midnight on Thursday 31st of December.


Nobody could have predicted the entire country would go into lockdown for a number of months this year from March. This was absolutely one of the biggest challenges Loxley Colour and the photography has had to face.

After being closed for a number of weeks, we began to slowly reopen the lab, bringing in strict social distancing measures, the required wearing of masks, temperature checks and new safety measures to ensure the safety of everyone in Team Loxley. We’re proud we managed to cope with the backlog of orders and help customers as much as we could during this tough time. We’d particularly like to thank our customer service team for their hard work during this chaotic time. Working remotely from home and with a reduced staff has been quite the challenge but Lisa and her team have faced this and done a fantastic job making sure every customer is happy.

Lockdown Stories

We loved seeing how innovative photographers became during lockdown. Photographers across the UK adapted their businesses with new ideas like doorstep portraits and raising money for the NHS. Our Lockdown Stories series on the blog showed how inspirational and innovative our industry can be during these tough times.


Throughout the lockdown we helped photographers with our free 30-minute phone consultations. Members of our hardworking sales team are still available to chat to you about our products, sales advice or marketing tips if you need any help. Just book your free appointment online and select a time that suits you!

Loxley Colour Webinars

One positive influence we’ve had in 2020 is the introduction of Loxley Colour Webinars. Every week Debbie hosts amazing webinars and chats with people across the photographic industry. We knew photographers of every genre were prevented from working as usual and wanted to help them spend the time in lockdown constructively.

We’ve had amazing feedback on these webinars and the effect they’ve had on photographers during lockdown. If you’re still interested in checking these webinars out, we’re still continuing with them! Check our Facebook page every week to see what webinars we’re hosting.

You can also check out our previous webinars on the Loxley Colour website. You’ll find tutorials on software, conversations with some influential photographers, advice on marketing, new photography tips and more!

Roll on 2021!

2020 has been tough for everyone. Thankfully we’re looking towards a brighter year ahead. Hopefully our industry can soon return back to normal, weddings can properly resume, distancing between households can be relaxed and people can enjoy life a little bit more.

We wanted to let you all know that Loxley Colour are here to help in any way we can. The year has been incredibly challenging for all of us and we know it’s going to be a long road for businesses to fully recover. If you can think of something you’d like us to cover in a webinar or in the Loxley Colour blog, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated customer service team.

We’re signing off now for 2020, but we’ll be back refreshed and ready for whatever 2021 throws at us on the 4th of January! We will be going live with our sample sale from the 4th of January, where you can get 40% off all samples for the entire month! In the meantime, we wish you all a happy holidays and hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing new year.

See you in 2021.

Team Loxley