Road to the Societies Convention: Annie Armitage

Annie Armitage

It’s now less than one week until one of the biggest events in the photography calendar begins. We’ve been counting down the weeks until the Societies’ Convention since back in October 2017, and it’s finally here!

For the final part of our countdown, who better to speak to than one of our very own Ambassadors? Family photographer Annie Armitage is hosting her own masterclass at the Convention next week, so we had a chat with her about that and her experience in the industry.

A personal approach to business

Annie’s ‘A Beginners Guide to In-person Sales‘ masterclass focuses on helping photographers using online sales switch to a more personal approach. Annie believes in-person sales tactics work better for both the photographer and clients:

“My clients love the fact they are seen in their homes in their own time and that the service I give is personal and not pushy.”

Annie Armitage

The aim of her seminar is to encourage photographers to see the benefits of in-person sales and make them consider different approaches to their marketing:

“I would love the delegates to come away from the session feeling empowered! To see in-person sales as part of their overall service to clients. Not to be afraid of talking money face-to-face and to be inspired to fulfil their potential in obtaining the maximum revenue for all their efforts.”

Getting your business started

As an independent business owner, Annie has to understand every aspect of her work. Her advice to photographers looking to start up their own business is to not take on too much:

“I am a big believer in outsourcing. If there is an area in my business which I don’t have the expertise, I give the task to someone who is going to make a much better job of it than me… Too often, photographers believe that they have to do everything and that it will cost them too much to outsource. In reality, the time spent on a task costs them more in their time than if they gave it to someone else.”

Annie Armitage

Running a business smoothly while focusing on the quality of your photography can be challenging. Annie’s mantra for running her photography business is simple:

“I want to be managing my business, not my business managing me.”

Impeccable quality, professionally crafted

As an Ambassador, Annie chooses Loxley Colour to supply her clients with high-quality photography products. She values the power of professionally printed images and their enduring appeal to clients:

“The quality products are the backbone to my business, as I wouldn’t be able to achieve the level of sales that I do on just selling a USB alone.”

Bellissimo Perfetto

Annie loves to display her beautiful photography on products that really stand out and emphasise their quality. That’s why she chooses Alumini Clusters and the Bellissimo Fine Art and Perfetto albums:

“I love them and so do my clients! They are unique and aren’t available on the high street and are incredibly aspirational.”

See what you could learn

Annie’s masterclass will teach the importance of improving your business skills to boost your sales. She hopes aspiring photographers looking to become independent will remember to balance the love of their craft with the importance of the business aspects. She has some advice for those starting out:

“It is the business skills which ultimately make a photographer successful and these have to be mastered… Be a networker! I know it seems old fashioned, but be out there in the local area… Your brand will go far if you spend time to do this instead of staying at home waiting for the phone to ring.”

Annie Armitage

Annie’s ‘A Beginners Guide to In-person Sales‘ masterclass is on Sunday 14th January. Secure your place and find out what you could learn to improve your business.