Road to the Societies Convention: Sanjay Jogia

Sanjay Jogia

There’s not long to go now until the 2018 Societies’ Convention kicks off. This time, in our Road to the Societies’ Convention series, we catch up with wedding photographer Sanjay Jogia.

Valuing and appreciating your skills

Sanjay began hosting educational seminars because he believed there is a common misconceived perception of the professional photography industry:

“I wanted to raise the standard of an industry that is generally misunderstood, undervalued and taken for granted. This lack of value means that many new photographers also adopt this stance and undervalue themselves… Education is the only way to help weed out this destructive attitude toward our industry.”

Grow and evolve your style

The two seminars Sanjay is hosting focus on improving and progressing your style of photography and mastering posing and lighting techniques. His ‘Evolve or Evaporate‘ masterclass will help delegates find new, unique shooting styles. Sanjay believes his own style has grown over the years:

“It is continually refining, improving and growing with my personality and experience. I think it’s easy to see the character and visual language of my work from, say, five years ago in my current work, but it’s also easy to see the evolution and maturity that has come with the successes and failures during that time.”

Sanjay Jogia

A huge part of Sanjay’s work is in destination weddings, capturing gorgeous images of couples from all over the world. As glamorous as destination photography can be, there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into shooting a wedding overseas:

“I will research the locations and venues online as much as possible, I also tend to arrive at the destination at least a day early so I know what I’m contending with in terms of journey time to the venue, lighting and general logistics.”


Refining your skills

Sanjay’s ‘Refine the Pose – Define the Light‘ superclass will help delegates find the best way to pose and style wedding photography. He wants to show people the best techniques to ensure their wedding shoots go smoothly:

“Posing and lighting is something so many photographers struggle with under pressure and I want to show people that this need not be the case, with simple direction and an understanding of what is elegant and flattering.”

Sanjay Jogia

This practical superclass will give delegates the opportunity to try out shooting with different lighting and posing techniques. Sanjay hopes people leave inspired:

“People will leave brimming with ideas, a new way of looking at posing that will make sense every time and motivate them to perfect their images in camera.”

Impress clients with impeccable quality

Sanjay uses Loxley Colour for high-quality albums and other keepsakes for clients. Part of the reason he chooses us is for our quick service and quality products:

“Loxley Colour have been incredibly supportive of our business from day one with their swift turnaround, friendly and helpful staff as well as being able to rely on their consistently high-quality products to showcase our work and easily upsell to our clients.”

Sanjay Jogia

Clients love nothing more than looking through a professionally crafted album full of their special moments. For Sanjay’s business, albums have always been hugely important:

“Album sales form a core part of our sales, so being able to rely upon a lab for quality, speed and variety at a reasonable price is essential.”

When it comes to albums, there is one that is particularly popular with his clients. The Bellissimo Perfetto:

“They impress everyone who looks at our samples.”

Don’t miss out

Sanjay plans to leave delegates inspired and ready to explore new methods and techniques with their photography with his two seminars. He has some advice for aspiring wedding photographers:

“Be individual, trust in your own personality to inform your style and your work – do not just be another replica of a replica. Keep learning because we constantly need to evolve or else the competition will fly past while we stand still.”

Secure your place at Sanjay’s seminars before time runs out. Find out how Sanjay can help you improve your wedding photography at the Societies Convention in January.