Road to SWPP: Marko Dutka

Marko Dutka: Road to SWPP

We are delighted to see so many of our customers hosting seminars and workshops at the 2017 Societies’ Convention. With just seven weeks to go, we give you the inside scoop on what photographer Marko Dutka will be talking about at the show, and his upcoming projects.

Marko has been a professional photographer for over 17 years and in that time, he has developed his own unique style of portraiture. Winning dozens of awards throughout the past decade and becoming a Fellow of SWPP and MPA, he now shares his knowledge and expertise through seminars. Marko will be hosting two classes at The Societies’ Convention; one about the techniques behind shooting portraits, and another based on his ongoing project for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Lights, Poses, Happiness

His first class called Lights, Poses, Happiness, aims to help people develop their posing and lighting techniques:

“This will be a practical class with models and all delegates will have the opportunity to take photographs and learn a skill set that will enhance their current studio practice… During the class, I will also be showing how to entertain and motivate your clients so that they enjoy their portrait experience, making your pictures a far truer reflection of their personalities.”

Marko Dutka

Nocturnes & Ghosts

His second class, Nocturnes and Ghosts, focuses on his latest and largest project. For the past two years, Marko has been taking pictures of Commonwealth war graves at night. What started out as a personal project has grown into one of his biggest commissions. For the next two years, he will continue developing his collection of images, which will then be displayed in 2018. This masterclass will cover technique as well as business development:

“I will be talking about why I chose this approach, about the technical considerations behind these images, about how I have generated interest and funding for the project and most importantly about the stories behind the graves I have photographed.”Marko Dutka

Working with Loxley Colour

This four-year-long project, sponsored by Loxley Colour, will result in 25 six ft. tall panels displaying his images in Bristol Cathedral in 2018, as part of their commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Marko has been working with Loxley Colour for almost five years, using products such as the Alumini Print to display his beautiful images. His work covers a range of styles, from family portraits to boudoir photography. His professional work ethic combined with his friendly nature make him a successful photographer who is constantly trying to improve:

“I can rely on Loxley Colour to provide me with fantastic, creative products that capture the imagination of my demanding clients and know that they will always meet my deadlines and expectations in a professional way.”Marko Dutka

Style & Creativity

One of the key lessons Marko wants to teach delegates who attend his classes is that they should constantly try to better themselves. Marko believes this is the only way you can be successful as a professional photographer:

“If you don’t always strive to develop your style and creativity you are dead in the water. I am a photographer because I am creative. Developing my ideas lets me develop my business. It keeps me excited about where I am going and means that my clients can expect a creative and professional approach to their needs.”Marko Dutka

Marko will be hosting his Nocturnes and Ghosts masterclass on 13 January. His portrait superclass will be held on 14 January. To book tickets, visit To more of Marko’s work, visit