Road to the Societies’ Convention: Annie Armitage

Annie Armitage

Loxley Colour Ambassador and family and portrait photographer Annie Armitage will be back at the Societies’ Convention in January with her seminar on in-person sales.

An Introduction to In-person Sales

Annie has chosen to re-run her successful masterclass on in-person sales (IPS) because it was received well by last year’s delegates and, due to scheduling conflicts, a lot of photographers missed the chance to attend:

“Feedback was that people were sad that they had missed the opportunity to hear what I had to say. I asked the Societies if I could do the same talk again as I know many people found it very useful and have implemented my ideas on IPS, which has been a huge boost to people’s income.”

Annie Armitage

This second run gives Annie the chance to inspire more photographers to revamp their sales methods. Having noticed a huge boost in her business when she implemented in-person sales, she’s keen to pass on her knowledge, not only for the benefits it has for photographers, but for the positive response from clients too:

“I saw a difference in my sales immediately! I see IPS as helping the client, not selling to them, and they are grateful as for them to go through all the wonderful product options on their own on top of choosing images can be overwhelming.”

How in-person sales could help you

Annie is just as passionate about education as she is about photography. She loves hosting educational seminars and workshops. Having worked in the professional photography industry for so many years, she enjoys passing on her knowledge and helping others improve their businesses:

“To help other photographers and see them grow has been exciting for me. I love it when I can see people have that light bulb moment which is usually just a simple thing that needs to change in their business to bring around an amazing result.”

Annie Armitage

Even if you already conduct in-person sales, you can still learn a lot from Annie’s masterclass. She believes her talk will be helpful for photographers to learn how to refine their sales skills:

“For those who do IPS already, I hope that they will pick up my hints and tips to enable the whole process to be smoother for them.”

Annie’s masterclass is also ideal for newcomers to in-person sales. Her class is all about encouragement and inspiration. She’s hoping delegates leave the masterclass ready to try new sales tactics:

“They will then have confidence to go out and be able to sit down with the client and go through the image with them… and have no worries about helping them and then taking money from the client.”

Annie Armitage

When Annie is showing clients their images, she takes this opportunity to offer them a range of printed products. For this she trusts Loxley Colour:

“I LOVE the Bellissimo Fine Art album with the 10×7″ downscales. My clients are so impressed when they open the presentation box to see their hand crafted album. It is a very special moment for me to see my work showcased so beautifully which will last from generation to generation.”

Get inspired with Annie in January

Annie has built a hugely successful photography business thanks to a combination of her photography skills and her savvy business knowledge. Her advice to those who don’t know a lot about sales is to think about how to steer clients towards certain packages:

“The first thing to do is analyse the AOV (average order value) and also see what the most popular products are. I have three collections of products that have elements that do cost e.g. Fine Art Album, but also low cost items like mounted prints and digitals. By pricing digital packages closer to the collection prices, this will make the collection more attractive.”

Annie Armitage


This tactic resulted in a huge revenue increase for Annie’s business:

“My AOV increased by 30% this year simply because I positioned the digital image cost closer to the collection price.”

If you want to gain more insight into boosting your business, get your tickets for Annie’s ‘An Introduction to In-person Sales‘ masterclass. It runs on Wednesday 16th of January at the Societies’ Convention.