Road to the Societies’ Convention: Tigz Rice

Tigz Rice

We are five weeks out from the first big event of 2019, the 2019 Societies’ Convention,and we continue with our series showcasing the photographers who will host those essential seminars and masterclasses at the event in January.

This week, we chat to talented and influential boudoir photographer Tigz Rice. We caught up with Tigz about her masterclasses, and her successful career so far.

Beginning in boudoir

Tigz’s love for photography stemmed from her passion for boudoir and burlesque. After falling out of love with her illustration studies, she looked for alternatives:

“I don’t think becoming a boudoir photographer – or even a photographer – was ever a conscious decision, rather a natural progression from a love of lingerie, theatre, burlesque and art in general that led me to this point!”

Tigz Rice

When she discovered her new passion, she did everything she could to gain new knowledge and improve her skills. She’s now a leading member of the boudoir and burlesque photography community:

“I’ve since spent the last decade working within the burlesque scene – a community of wonderfully confident, body positive people, who have inspired me to not only look at my own body with a greater sense of self-love and respect, but also to use that skill to capture in photographs the beauty I see in others too.”

Discover the secrets of retouching

Two of Tigz’s three masterclasses are focused on retouching skills. She wants delegates to understand how useful these skills are to people’s businesses:

“Regardless of your opinion on retouching, it’s good to have a working knowledge of that side of the photographic process. And of course, one day those skills might come in handy when a job doesn’t quite go as planned!”

Her masterclasses will include tips on how to improve touch-up images post-shoot and improve your workflow. Tigz appreciates that it’s important to do as much as possible during the shoot to make images look gorgeous, but believes retouching can be a beneficial skill for photographers:

“Retouching is a vital part of the overall process, giving me the power to fine tune any elements of the image that weren’t possible to fix during the shoot, alongside the opportunity to lend a signature style to my work, setting me apart from the work of others.”

The ‘Speed up your Wedding Retouching Workflow‘ masterclass will look at how Adobe Lightroom can quicken the editing process for busy wedding photographers:

“It’s aimed at streamlining the process for wedding photographers to cut down their time at the computer, freeing up more time to go out and shoot!”

Tigz Rice

Tigz’s second masterclass, ‘Retouching for Boudoir‘, will be an in-depth look at how she manages her own workflow:

“We’ll cover choosing images to present to your client, followed by base editing in Adobe Lightroom, moving on to more advanced retouching in Photoshop, including subtle skin techniques to get rid of blemishes whilst maintaining a natural texture and tonal quality.”

She’s also hosting a masterclass on Wacom devices. Her ‘How to get the Most out of your Wacom Device‘ masterclass is ideal if you’re looking to discover tips on using your Wacom tablet to better suit your workflow.

Tigz’s trusted print lab

Tigz chooses Loxley Colour to provide beautiful products that showcase her stunning work. From the range of products perfectly suited to boudoir photography, Tigz has a clear favourite:

“The Bellissimo Luxe album – it is so great for boudoir albums.”

Its sleek, black Smooth Touch cover adds a touch of decadence, perfect for boudoir. Personalise with a gloss UV design on the cover and unique end sheets.

Tigz trusts Loxley Colour to produce her most precious album:

“I’m actually in the process of designing my own wedding album with Loxley after getting married a couple of months ago. We chose the Help for Heroes Bellissimo Tartan album, as we had Help for Heroes tartan for our handfasting!”

Tigz Rice

The Bellissimo Tartan is perfect for traditional weddings. It’s ideal for clients who have featured tartan in their wedding, like Tigz. Choose from five of the UK’s most popular non-clan tartans for a beautiful keepsake.

Keeping your creativity

Tigz has a well-established reputation in the boudoir and burlesque scene, but keeping creative can be tricky after years in photography. Tigz tries to keep her creativity flowing and work on new ideas all the time by shooting in different locations:

“One of the best ways I find of keeping creative is to be constantly stepping outside of your comfort zone. For me, that often involves shooting in new places, as the different lighting conditions offer a fun challenge on every shoot.”

Her advice for those starting out in boudoir photography industry to gain as much knowledge as you can about the craft:

“Make sure you’ve experienced being on both sides of the camera in a boudoir situation. It’s so important to understand how your client feels and the best way to do that is to put yourself in their position.”

Tigz believes doing this can be vital for helping you understand clients. Many can be nervous before a boudoir shoot, or lack confidence. By drawing on your own experience, you can help your own clients:

“Listen to how the photographer talks to you – what language do they use? What energy are they giving you? How does that make you feel as a client? You can learn so much about yourself and your business this way.”

Book your spot and learn from Tigz

Learn how to refine your workflow for a more efficient business and gain new retouching techniques to improve your wedding and boudoir work with Tigz’s help. Secure your place at each of Tigz’s masterclasses before they sell out!