Road to the Societies Convention: Marko Dutka

Marko Dutka

The Loxley Colour countdown to the Societies’ Convention in 2018 continues with an exclusive interview with Marko Dutka.

In the ninth instalment of this series, Marko talks about his seminars at next year’s event and his ongoing projects.

At the going down of the sun

Since we caught up with Marko last year, he has been busy preparing for his exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, which opens next year. After working on this project for three years, and with another year to go, Marko is pleased with how it is going so far:

“From small beginnings as a personal project, it has really taken off and I now have the opportunity to have a major installation in a 1,000-year-old Grade 1 listed building that is an intrinsic part of the region I live in. I am also immensely proud that I can deliver a photographic commemoration to a group of people whose own lives were tragically cut short.”

Marko Dutka

He will discuss this and how photographers can start their own passion projects in his ‘At the Going Down of the Sun‘ masterclass. After working on this project for so long, Marko has noticed the outcome is a lot different from what he first anticipated:

“When I started, I felt that I had a strong concept and after taking the first couple of images, I knew that I had discovered a project that would really stretch my abilities… It has been a steep learning curve, technically and conceptually, and I am not at the end of that development yet.”

Teaching a new generation

Marko is hosting two seminars at the Convention. With a career spanning over 18 years under his belt, he hopes people can really learn from his experiences:

“I feel it is important to give back to a new generation of imagemakers and I have, in turn, found that delegates who visit my courses leave with a renewed confidence, knowledge and inspiration. I love teaching and I love seeing delegates using this newfound knowledge to improve their photography.”

Marko Dutka

His ‘Go with the Flow‘ superclass focuses on posing and lighting techniques:

“Lighting is what we use to convey narrative; it is what we use to describe our subjects and, in skilled hands, it is a wonderful medium. I hope that those people who attend my courses develop a love for the use of light so that they can convey their own ideas and fascinations with clarity and passion.”

As important as lighting is, Marko wants his seminars to be balanced:

“Photography should not be strictly about the technical nor should it be exclusively about the conceptual. Rather, it should be an elegant mixture of both of these driving forces.”

Products to impress

As sponsors of Marko’s exhibition next year, Loxley Colour plays a major part in his project:

“Loxley Colour, simply put, provides me with excellent quality products and great service… I do not cut corners on any aspect of my business and I want the best for my clients. Loxley make this happen for me. I am also immensely grateful to them because they are sponsoring the biggest exhibition I have ever had.”

Marko Dutka

Marko offers clients many of our award-winning products. He has a few favourites that have been particularly popular with his customers:

“My clients’ favourite products, and therefore mine, are Loxley’s Alumini and their Bellissimo albums. My clients choose these because they want something unique and long lasting.”

Learn and be inspired

With a career spanning almost two decades and experience in a range of photography styles, Marko has some advice for those just starting out:

“Know your subject. Whatever you are photographing, learn about it. Be fascinated, be passionate. It shows!”

Discover how to capture stunning portrait photographs and start up your own passion project with Marko’s seminars in January.