Road to the Societies Convention: Louie Donovan

Louie Donovan

With just six weeks left until the 2018 Societies’ Convention, we’re more than halfway through our countdown to the event in January. This week, we chat to wedding photographer Louie Donovan about her masterclass at the Convention and her experience in the industry.

Learning from Louie’s experiences

Louie regularly hosts educational seminars for fellow photographers. She’s passionate about helping people tailor their craft and improve their photography skills, mainly because she never had that opportunity as a beginner in the industry:

“I wish there had been someone when I was starting out that I could have gone to for a little bit of training; there really wasn’t a lot around and many of my questions went unanswered for a long time.”

Louie Donovan

Her classes are there to help those new to wedding photography. Louie believes she has learned a lot in her career and wants to pass on some words of wisdom for the next generation of photographers:

“I would like to help others who are starting out in wedding photography; I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning and I think people can learn from them!”

Her masterclass at the Societies’ Convention focuses on everything a beginner photographer needs to know before starting their business. Louie’s ‘So you want to be a Wedding Photographer (Are you Mad?!)‘ masterclass is honest about the stresses of the job and paints a realistic picture of what it’s like as a career. She’ll go through all the tough parts of the job and how you can learn to cope. Louie has a few techniques for getting through the hard parts of her work:

“I always make lists and talk to my couple before the big day, being organised helps things run smoothly. If you know what is happening and when, you can really take control of the day! If you are in control, you will be less stressed.”

Louie & Loxley Colour

Loxley Colour supply Louie with all the high-quality products she offers to clients. Part of the reason why Louie chooses Loxley is for our fantastic sample offers:

“Being able to buy decently-priced samples means I am able to keep my samples up-to-date.”

Louie believes more and more clients are coming back to appreciating the power of a printed image:

“I do think there has been a little swerve back towards having your images printed recently and it seems to be going down well with my clients.”

Louie Donovan

Her favourite Loxley product is one she has had a lot of positive feedback from clients on:

“I am totally in love with the Portfolio Box. I display it at my wedding fairs and people adore it… It’s great value while looking very impressive.”

Louie’s mantra

Louie’s masterclass will include some insider tips on how to become successful in the wedding photography industry. Part of her success is down to the strong relationships she develops with clients:

“I have a very personal approach to my business – it really is a business built on love, not money! By the time I come to shoot a wedding I have really got to know my clients and it feels like we are friends. That is my whole ethos: to make sure my clients are at ease with me being there all day and so that it feels like a friend has popped round to take the wedding photos.”

Louie Donovan

Having been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years, Louie has noticed her style and skills grow and change:

“I have seen my style change over the years both in editing and in the way I shoot. I guess the more I have become used to shooting weddings, the more I can relax into the day and think more creatively. I also expect myself to change more over the years to come.”

Louie Donovan

Despite hosting her own seminars, Louie believes you’re never too experienced to stop learning:

“There is always more to learn, no matter how experienced you are, and I am looking forward to doing more training at the end of the year and to the classes I will be attending at the Convention myself.”

So you want to be a wedding photographer?

If you do, Louie has some advice before you get started:

“If you haven’t shot a wedding yet, see if you can second shoot or assist someone, just to get a feel for it. Also, you will learn valuable insights; nothing like learning on the job!”

Louie believes newcomers to the craft should try to gain as much information and inspiration as possible:

“Come to the Convention, go to some of the classes specialising in weddings and you will come away inspired from the day – I always do!”

Secure your place at Louie’s masterclass on Sunday 14th January and develop your wedding photography skills.