Road to the Societies Convention: Stephanie Belton

Stephanie Belton

With less than seven weeks to go until the 2018 Societies’ Convention, we are continuing the countdown with another speaker at the event: newborn and child photographer Stephanie Belton.

Her ‘A Lifestyle Approach to Newborn and Baby Photography‘ masterclass discusses a contemporary method of photographing babies by including the family to create warmer images than the classic newborn posed shots we are all familiar with.

A lifestyle approach

Stephanie’s masterclass focuses on creating newborn and baby photography with a lifestyle feel to them, rather than a posed photoshoot. She’s been using this method for over 10 years, capturing natural moments with families:

“My style has always been about creating really natural portraits. I am drawn to beautiful window light and to capturing real moments. Props and backdrops aren’t for me!”

Stephanie Belton

Stephanie decided she wanted to host educational workshops and seminars as she became more confident in her own photography skills. She set up courses for photography enthusiasts and caught the teaching bug, eventually working her way up to running masterclasses at the Societies’ Convention:

“I ran my first masterclass last year and it was such a buzz, I couldn’t wait to do it again!”

The alluring appeal of print

Stephanie orders her prints and frames from Loxley Colour, creating memorable keepsakes for her clients. Her favourite, however, is a framed Wall Product:

“I love the Box Frame for a really contemporary look. For me, it’s a great alternative to having the photos printed on canvas.”

Stephanie Belton

Digital photography is incredibly popular today, but professional photographers like Stephanie understand that clients like to see their images in high-quality print. Mounted prints are a firm favourite because because of their durability and professional appearance:

“I like to order my prints mounted on 2mm card for more wow factor and a more durable finish.”

Capturing precious moments

The demand for professional newborn photographers has boomed in the past five years with more clients wanting full photoshoots. Stephanie believes recent trends in social media are a big factor:

“In the era of phone and social media, people love to share photos of their children. Newborn babies, however, can be really difficult to to photograph using a camera phone, or even a proper camera… Parents want to be able to capture those precious moments in the most beautiful way, that’s where we professional photographers come in!”

Stephanie Belton

It can be a difficult industry to get a foothold in if you’re just starting out. Stephanie’s advice to aspiring family and newborn photographers is simple:

“Make sure you learn your craft before you start charging clients: understanding light and posing are the two biggest areas to tackle.”

Stephanie Belton

Family photographers tend to already be parents and have a lot of experience with children. With an abundance of models to practice with, Stephanie thinks new photographers should keep in mind their professional goals:

“They might receive a lot of encouragement from friends, but to really make progress I think mentoring with an established photographer is so important.”

Learn from Stephanie – secure your place

Find out how you can improve your newborn photography skills with Stephanie’s masterclass on Sunday 14th January.