Road to the Societies’ Convention: Tony Moore

There’s now just two weeks until the Societies’ Convention! Naturally, our excitement is reaching fever pitch. We’re all set to get there and showcase our wide range of award-winning products. Similarly, we’re looking forward to catching up with old friends and make new introductions. To get us ready for the main event, we caught up with landscape and architectural photographer Tony Moore about his masterclass at this year’s Convention.

Discovering his style

Tony’s photography has such a unique style and we wanted to find out how it came about. He associates this different perspective with his artistic interests as a child:

“I decided to become a landscape and architectural photographer as I had always been very much into drawing and painting landscapes and buildings as a kid and young man, but have evolved with more of a fine art approach to advertising and commercial, at times combining landscapes with commercial buildings and vehicles for wall art and marketing purposes.”

Tony Moore

Tony’s images have a beautifully pristine look, which works perfectly with one of our most popular wall products, the Acrylic Gallery:

“My favourite Loxley product is their Acrylic Gallery, mostly Metallic finish, and almost always a 5ft piece. There isn’t a product elsewhere in the market that showcases my work at its best.”

Tony Moore

Ideal for creating a show-stopping display, this wall product helps make Tony’s work unmissable. Finding the perfect wall products for his photography is something that’s crucial to Tony’s business:

“In my line of work, it is more important to offer my clients prints and wall art instead of just digital files, as they will often appear in boardrooms, homes and businesses for all to see, so they have to be finished perfectly.”

The Lightroom Landscape

Tony’s masterclass is all about learning how to use Lightroom to create beautiful landscape images. He believes it’s very important for photographers to keep brushing up on their editing skills:

“It is vital that we keep educating ourselves in the industry, improving our editing skills not only to develop our own individual style, but to keep ahead of the game as standards are being pushed all the time out there.”

Tony Moore

He has only recently began hosting educational workshops and seminars after discovering it’s something he really enjoys:

“I have hosted educational seminars and masterclasses occasionally this last few years locally and in Belfast. I really enjoyed them, so I decided I would take more opportunities as teaching what I do really appeals to me.”

Tony Moore

He aims to teach delegates new post-production skills that will freshen up their photography style:

“I am hoping that my delegates will enjoy an easily understood presentation expanding their knowledge of Lightroom CC, as well as how to make simple adjustments for beautiful effect, sharpening their post-processing skills to produce wall-worthy landscape imagery with an alternative to the normal approach in Lightroom, and of course to be inspired!”

Learn more from Tony

He’s got some simple pieces of advice for those thinking about becoming professional landscape photographers:

“My advice for any aspiring landscape photographers is to learn to understand the light, and to use the photographer’s ephemeris!”

Tony’s ‘The Lightroom Landscape‘ masterclass is on Thursday 17th January. Secure your place and discover new editing techniques to improve, or discover, your own unique style of photography.