An Introduction to Framed Prints

In previous blog entries we’ve introduced some of our most popular products for those of you who aren’t familiar with what we do here at Loxley Colour. We’ve introduced our Prints, Bellissimo Albums and Wall Products in the past, and now it’s time to provide you with a brief introduction to our Framed Prints. The Loxley Colour framing collection features dozens of mouldings to suit every occasion and every client’s tastes. To make things easier for you, we’ve split the collection into four groups so you can find the right frame for your photography.

Contemporary Frames

The Contemporary collection features nine modern mouldings with a huge selection of colour options. The two most popular frames in this collection are the Sanctuary and Spectrum frames. Both of these have a wide range of colour options and are ideal for many photography genres. The full Contemporary range has been designed to suit your clients’ home, regardless of the occasion. All frames are available with custom sizing so you can create a wall display to perfectly fit that space on your client’s wall.
Sanctuary frame

Lifestyle Frames

For clients looking for something a little more laidback or rustic, the Lifestyle collection includes 10 beautiful mouldings available in subtle and natural colours. The two most popular frames in this collection are the Loft and New England frames. These frames suit all occasions but they’re particularly suited to wedding and landscape photography. The muted tones and subtle moulding styles mean they’re ideal for a range of clients and, with custom sizing, you can design wall frames to specifically suit your clients’ walls.
New England frame

Traditional Frames

Wall frames are a classic way of displaying memories, which is why we’ve created this range of traditional frames. This collection includes six frames, all styled to create a traditional display for people’s homes. The two most popular frames in this collection are the Oxford and Cambridge frames. The frames in this range are available in classic colours, from the subtle black and wooden tones, to the more grand golds. The Traditional collection suits any photography style, but we’d particularly recommend it for family portraits.
Cambridge frame

Vintage Frames

For clients looking for something a bit glam, the Vintage collection offers just that with its grand designs and dramatic colours. These six frames are perfect for wedding photography or for clients who have extravagant tastes. The most popular frame in this collection is the Heritage frame. The Vintage collection is perfect for glamourous wedding shots and each frame within it would be great to feature as a statement piece in your photography packages.
Heritage frame

Custom sizing

Every frame in the Loxley Colour collection is available with custom sizing. This means you can design a wall frame to perfectly fit the space in your customer’s wall. Simply tick the ‘Custom Sizing’ box on the online builder and you can enter the precise dimensions you need. There is also the ratio lock function, which allows you to enter the height you need and we’ll automatically suggest the perfect width to suit this.

Mounting options

With every frame moulding you can choose either no mount, single mounts or double mounts. We have a selection of bright and classic colours available for these mounts, meaning you can create a stylish and coordinated design. Double mounts are only available for wall frames, but your clients can still enjoy single mounts on their desk frames.
Single and double mount options

Desk Frames

In order to give your clients the complete package, we’ve created a range of desk frames designed to match select wall frames. These 10 frames will all perfectly match at least one moulding in the Loxley Colour wall frame collection. Desk frames are ideal for expanding your photography packages and boosting your sales. Give clients the option of adding a fun reminder of their favourite memories to their office desks with this selection of desk frame downscales.
Matching desk frames

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