How to create your own signature product range

Group of products: How to create your own signature range

When creating your photography packages it’s important to think about your style of photography and the clients you want to attract. Creating a signature range of products can help this process.

This quick how-to guide will help you get started, work out how to price your packages and, crucially, what products you should consider adding to your signature packages to attract clients and boost your sales.

Getting started

It’s important to think about what clients you want to attract and what they’ll expect from you in terms of a photography package. Think about what you want to feature in your signature package. How much do you want to charge clients for it? How much time do you want to dedicate to designing albums, books or other products? Do you want a package that reflects and matches your business’ branding?

Answering all of these questions will help you decide which Loxley Colour products are best for your signature range. You can group packages around photography types or pricing so you know exactly which packages to offer to clients during consultations.

Pricing your packages

Photography packages are all about boosting your sales and making your clients happy. This is why you need to make sure you’re charging the right price for your signature range. You don’t want to scare clients away with an expensive product collection, but you also don’t want to give away products.

Offering three packages can be great for securing sales. A low-price, mid-range and high-end option can help clients find the package to suit them, and it lets you offer a wider range of products.

What should you include?

At Loxley Colour there are dozens of product choice you can make that reflect your photography’s style. Think about a key product that you’d like to offer that’s unique to other competitors. A unique photography package could be enough to encourage a client to book you. The products within the Loxley Colour collection are handmade and unique to anything clients could find on the highstreet. Emphasising this to clients could help them understand the pricing and the quality.

USB packages have become increasingly popular as more and more people want to share their memories online with family and friends. Including some form of USB combination product is a good option when creating your signature package.

Albums are still sought after, but some clients may need more convincing to upgrade their package to include one. If you believe client’s won’t spend additional money on an album, opt for a book as a budget-friendly alternative.

You can also increase your sales with your signature package by featuring fun little additions such as giftware or Greetings Cards. These additions may not boost your sales dramatically, but they’ll bring a smile to clients’ faces and make you more memorable. These add-ons are creative ways for clients to carry around and display their favourite images, so they’ll love being able to add these into their packages.

Sample products

How Loxley Colour can help

Our sales team are on-hand to help you find out everything you need to know about our products. You can book a free 30-minute consultation with any member of our team. During these phone consultations we can help you with product information, sales advice, pricing advice and more!

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